Today Tonight Tomorrow

You've got to love how the young beautifully butcher the English language. My 3 year old daughter has some unique ways of describing days current, past, and future:

Tomorrow = Tomorning, the next morrow
Last Night = Yesternight
Tonight = Bednight



by Steve Hall    May-24-02    

Wireless: Youth and Upscale Consumers Want an M-Lifestyle

Maybe ATT was right with there agonizing tease campaign during the superbowl that had such a predictable pay off. Our friends over at CyberAtlas have reported on a study that indicates that the youth among us actually want that trite hip or whatever you want to call it lifestyle.

Who Knew?

by Steve Hall    May-24-02    

Internet Advertising: Is it Local Yet?

In Tig Tillinghast's article, My Dad and Online Media, he states that online media has not yet reached the level at which a local merchant, his Dad, can fully utilize the the power of that medium. While on a general scale that may be true but there are some mechanisms out there can achieve some level of regionalization. See his readers comments to that affect.

In my own professional use of the medium, over two years ago, I was able to achieve a very successful AND regional campaign through DoubleClick's technology. It can work if you search for the solution.


by Steve Hall    May-24-02    

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