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1000journals is a project that I came across that has been going on since August of 2000. It was started by a guy who is circulation 1000 journals around the globe. You sign up to receive a journal at this website, you add to it, and you send it along to the other person. The contents of the journal is added to the website.

Blogging taken to the next level.

by Steve Hall    Jul- 9-02    

Frustrated Writer

Here's the problem. I have these flashes of these amazingly vivid movie sequences and plots that A. disappear from my head if I don't write them down immediately (and I rarely do) and B. they never get fleshed out into even a simple written idea. Why is it that I can create an entire movie in my head that I KNOW is good....but I simply cannot get it onto paper? It's very discouraging.

And yes, I've heard it all: Just do it. Just start writing. Blah Blah Blah.

All I know is that it is going to be a man's experience with cancer, family, death, dreams, the search for a new life and the realization that maybe he had everything he needed in the first place.

Hmm...not bad for a premise. So, I say to myself....just start typing....


by Steve Hall    Jul- 9-02    

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