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Love Thy Mac

Fuck your Macintosh Lifestyle is a little video that, despite the title, is a cute little Macintosh admiration piece.

Check it out.


by Steve Hall    Jul-23-02    

Stolen From AdWeak!

You simply HAVE to visit AdWeak for more amazing advertising humor!


by Steve Hall    Jul-22-02    

A Little Data

Center for Media Research - Daily Brief states that:

Retail ticket sites comprised the fastest growing category between April and May 2002, increasing 25 percent to 18.9 million unique visitors, as reported in the latest comScore Media Metrix Ratings. The fastest growing ticket sites were: Movietickets.com, Fandango.com, and Moviefone.com. Similarly, fans searching for movie information also drove traffic to: Amctheatres.com, Regalcinemas.com, and Loewscineplex.com.

Can you hear the stampede of the X10 media planning department rushing towards these sites?


by Steve Hall    Jul-22-02    

Media Planners....Actualy Doing Work?

John Gaffney of Real Media Rifs had this comment on the AOL/ TW situation:

The Big Synergy-Energy Switch: Call it synergy, cross-media or just smart media buying. The kinds of synergy AOL/TimeWarner is now getting kicked in the teeth for now need to come from media planners and buyers. If you want synergy, or if you want to access the various properties owned by big media companies, come up with the ideas yourself. I know this is already happening, but now the AOL/TW changes have given the agency community a chance to push this issue to a client�s advantage. I don�t think ad ideas work too well from the top down. A media strategy works from the client and agency first, with the media company providing the best complimentary ad vehicles. An AOL VP pitching a Coca-Cola VP on a huge ad deal incorporating the internet, print and cable was always the wrong way to approach media, and will still be the wrong way regardless of who runs AOL. The right way is for Coca-Cola to approach its agency and say: �We�re introducing new packaging for Diet Coke. How do we get that image out for the Holidays?� The planners and buyers, as always, come up with the best way to do that, and it just might mean going to an AOL or Viacom or Primedia or Gannett, and getting a good deal for incorporating several channels of media. It�s a simple concept when you approach it from the agency perspective. How did it get so damn complicated?

Uh, yea! Since when did media planners stop developing ideas and sponsorships? I never did. I hope us media planners out there haven't got lazy :-)


by Steve Hall    Jul-22-02    

Reach Those Upper Crust Suburbs

Here's a thought for reaching those high income, high snob ratio suburbs: Transfer Station Advertising! Yes, along with those ugly signs that say, GREEN GLASS, BROWN GLASS, PAPER, TIN, PLASTIC, we could have signs that say, BMW, MICROSOFT, BULOVA, RITZ.

Yup, let's sully the pristine landscape of high end transfer stations with high end transfer station signage. Just think. After Dad and little Tommy finish sorting the #2 plastic from the tuna cans, Dad might say, "Gee, son, let's go test drive a BMW!"

Hey, most outdoor has been a blight on the landscape anyway. Why not add blight to what is already blight.

It could happen.


by Steve Hall    Jul-21-02    

Nothing Could Be Further From The Truth

"Pop unders are the cockroaches of our industry" stated Rick Bruner on his Executive Summary Consulting weblog page.

This is the absolute truth. We are killing any chance that viewers will pay any attention to ANY online ad unit after an onslaught of pop unders...and ups for that matter. It makes a navigational MESS of working on the web. It is repulsive. It is annoying. It has to go. If it doesn't, we will lose all possibility or regaining the weary and jaded Internet audience. We might as well toss in the towel on that medium.

As Rick requests, publishers, do yourself a favor, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE eliminate this sleeze from your offering!


by Steve Hall    Jul-17-02    

So Happy to See My Favorite Cell Phone Company in the Black!

From a story on the Corante Communications Blog.

Nextel posts first profit for quarter - Washington Post

Nextel Communications continues to impress - yesterday the company announced its first-ever profit of $123 million on an increase of revenue of 25%. The company also said it retired $1.1 billion in debt in the second quarter. It also added 471,000 subscribers in the quarter bringing to 9.6 million its total subscriber base. Analysts said that they continue to be happy with its performance and its plans to try to reduce capital expenses in 2003.

Now, maybe their calling plans won't have to be so high :-)


by Steve Hall    Jul-17-02    

PR for Blogger

I love Blogger. Obviously many other people do to. Tom Hespos writing for Online Spin, a mediapost newsletter had these words about blogging.

But now we are starting to see serious innovation in content publishing � things that bring the online publishing experience to people who, for whatever reason, don't have the wherewithal to learn the technology end of the business. Blogger and LiveJournal have made it possible for anyone to publish to the web at a moment's notice with minimal integration work. When constructing my company's website, I elected to integrate Blogger into UnderscoreMarketing.com's news section, so that anyone on our management team could post updates at any time. Tons of other websites have taken advantage of similar systems. Rick Bruner's Executive Summary site (a terrific read, BTW) takes full advantage of the Blogger system. In doing so, Rick has probably saved himself countless hours of coding and FTPing.

Out of all the high priced, over featured, so called "content management" software, blogging software is by far the next wave of information transferral. No longer will the sharing of information be reserved for corporations and content sites but for all in an unfettered, and highly simplistic manner. Whether or not, any of that content will have merit is a whole other discussion.


by Steve Hall    Jul-16-02    

Valley of the Geeks - Banner Ads We'd Like To See

In our own little advertising world, we have a love/hate relationship with banners. For a great kick, check out Valley of the Geeks - Banner Ads We'd Like To See. It's a page with banners from well known companies but with creative executions that more closely resemble what the company is all about. And not the puffy brand blather that usually is contained within banners.


by Steve Hall    Jul-16-02    


movieblog is the place to go if you want insightful commentary of the movie industry and the product it produces.

by Steve Hall    Jul-15-02    

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