HP Launches New Campaign. Spends Heavily Online

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MarketingFix: HP to Spend Big Money on Multi-Channel Campaign

Two Flash ads can be seen as I'm writing seen on Yahoo. It's one of these experiments Yahoo wants feedback about. I didn't figure it out instantly, but the right part works as a scrolling menu that changes the content in the center as you navigate through it. I'm not sure it's as usable and explicit as it could be, and the fact that the navigation is separated from the ad content is unusual.


by Steve Hall    Nov-18-02    

CMR Says Ad Spending Will Be Up 2.5% in 2002

CMR says we are on track for ad spend to be up 2.5% over last year. Spend to date (Sept. 30) is $84.4 billion compared to $82.6 for the same period last year.

Categories with biggest increases were spot and network TV, local newspapers, local, national spot radio and network radio.

Not surprisingly, categories not doing well were business-to-business magazines, the Internet and national syndication.


by Steve Hall    Nov-18-02    

Parents With Children Go Online Frequently

Parents more likely to use Internet

Some 70 percent of parents with children at home use the Internet, the nonprofit Pew Internet and American Life Project found, compared with 53 percent of non-parents. Parents are also more likely to use other high-tech gadgets like cell phones and DVD players, the study found.

Yea, we go online to get a break from our kids! I outta know. I have two of them:-)


by Steve Hall    Nov-18-02    

Online Shopping Has Started Already

Here's some great news to start your week off. Online shopping is off to a great start!

Holiday Season Head Start

The Nielsen//NetRatings Holiday E-Commerce Index, a measurement of at-home and at-work internet usage, indicates e-commerce traffic is picking up well in advance of the holidays. Traffic to toys and games sites increased by more than a third from the week ending 20 October to the week ending 3 November, and virtual department stores greeted 6 million more visitors the second week.

UPDATE: Two Surveys Predict Good Holiday Online

by Steve Hall    Nov-18-02    

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