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Smut on The Radio: We Like It

According to a recent study, we apparently want our radio smut from shock jocks including the famous Opie and Anthony Sex in the Catholic church scandal.

Too Tough On Shock Radio?

Jacobs Media and Edison Media Research conducted an online poll on 20 rock radio websites across the country. More than 7,300 people responded, and the results were surprising. Rock listeners say radio is no more �dirty or explicit� than TV or cable. Less than one-third feel �shock jock radio personalities have gone too far.� 71% agreed radio personalities �should be able to say whatever they please,� and only 56% said Opie & Anthony deserved to be fired for their sex-in-St. Pat�s stunt, and perhaps most interesting for ad buyers: respondents were more than twice as likely to tune-in to hear a personality that pushes the limits.


by Steve Hall    Nov- 6-02    

Advertising Techniques Beyond Product Placement

In this AdAge article: TECHNOLOGY BEYOND PRODUCT PLACEMENT several new and exploratory advtertising techniques are discussed such as video game advertising, long-form ads, and TV-on-demand.

This is very important to think about even though the growth in PVR and VOD penetration has slowed. The shift to consumer control is coming and advertisers need to begin strategizing and inventing new means of communication that will be effective in this changed world.

by Steve Hall    Nov- 6-02    

Don't Think Different, Just Think

OK, OK...so Apple has moved on from Think Different to Switch. IBM has wasted no time in bringing back it's early maxim of "think" as in computers that think for themselves.

IBM Starts Think-ing

Just days after announcing a whopping ad campaign to hype its new computer initiative, IBM (Quote, Company Info) took the wraps off a marketing strategy centered on its "Think" mantra.


by Steve Hall    Nov- 5-02    

Poilictal Advertising Wastes $900 Million

Did you know that politicians this season have spent $900 million on ads? That's just on TV! That figure is double what was spent on mid term elections 4 years ago. Do you remember any of these ads? Did they tell you anything? Did they make your candidate look promising? Do you care?

Just think what you could have done with $900 million!


by Steve Hall    Nov- 5-02    

Ken Layne Appears to be Missing


Empty Site.

by Steve Hall    Nov- 4-02    

Outhouses Versus PVRs

Ad Age put is it in a very interesting light when it states that more homes have outhouses then have PVRs.

The point being, that sales are in the toilet.

I admit when the things first came out I had no idea what they were. They were marketed in such a poor fashion that no one could tell what they were. They should have been marketed as the next generation of the VCR. Just a VCR with a hard disk.

Oh well. The future for this technology is really in partnerships and licensing. Embedding the product in cable boxes and TV. Or, and here's a thought, the VOD model where it's not even in your house but all your paused/recorded/saved shows are just on a hard drive somewhere in a giant server farm in the midwest.

I firmly believe that time shifting technology is here to stay. Just not in the Tivo and Replay format we have today.


A case of the law of large numbers coming into play? Hardly. In a neighborhood of 200 homes, only one on average has a TiVo. More U.S. homes have outhouses (671,000) than TiVos (504,000 to 514,000).


by Steve Hall    Nov- 4-02    

Advertising a Genetic Trait?

It's a stretch, but some facts here make an interesting case.

TWO GENERATIONS SHARE PASSION FOR ADVERTISING Microbiologists may never locate it, but evidence exists there is an advertising gene. It has expressed itself in the cases of the Jordans (Jim, J.J., et al) and Deutsches (David and Donny) and also can be found lurking in the DNA of the Emmerlings.

by Steve Hall    Nov- 4-02    

Extreme Segmentation: The Microtargeting of Media

In an article in AdWeek's Technology Marketing the trend towards finite audience segmentation is discussed. In high tech and B to B media, there has always been the ability to selectively target but title, job function, company size, revenue, purchase intention. This is now being magnified tenfold with the proliferation of even more targeted means of reaching a finely sliced target audience.

It is being done online and offline by companies such as Techtarget, 101Communications, Jupitermedia, and CNet with it's ITPapers.com.

This trend will make it's way to consumer media as well giving that segment of marketers even more outlets in which to reach specific sub-segments of the larger overall target.

It will make the process of marketing communications more complicated but it will also provide far better return on the budget spent.

The old saying of "I know half of my advertising is working, I just don't know which half" will slowly slip out of the lexicon of marketer's vocabulary.


by Steve Hall    Nov- 3-02    

Dogvertising: Man's Best Friend as a Billboard

Thought you've seen every unique form of advertising out there? Think again:

Ananova - Dogs to be used to advertise A London-based company says it plans to recruit a number of dogs to carry adverts called "dogverts."

by Steve Hall    Nov- 3-02    

Digital TV Signal Blocks Police Radio

Boston TV station disrupts Camco police system

A Boston-area TV station's new 24-hour-a-day digital signal is disrupting Camden County's police communications system, threatening public safety by drowning out calls from officers to central dispatch in certain kinds of weather.

Well, this could certainly cause some serious problems as the switch to digital TV moves along. Seems as though the assigning of the new digital signals was not thought through enough to account for these problems.

by Steve Hall    Nov- 2-02    

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