Movie Stars and Rock Stars Make Cheesy Ads in Japan

I just found this site courtesy of the ever vigilant Gawker. It's a site that collects TV commercials that run only in Japan yet star our own beloved American movie ans rock stars.

Watch Brooke Shields make cheesy coffee commercials. See Brad Pitt surf down a stairway for Edwin (Levis, I think). And watch J Lo and Winona sell Subarus.

Funny to see the different cultural expectations between the two countries. Make this site a regular visit. You'll get a good laugh.

Panderers in Japan

by Steve Hall    Dec-30-02    

2002's 20 Most Effective TV Ads

Here is the Ad Age round up of the 20 most effective television commercials for the year. The data, provided by Intermedia Advertising Group, measures recall of an ad and its brand withing 24 hours after the ad has aired.

Toy R Us tops the list this year with its Geoffrey the Giraffe spot. Toys R Us also had the number 3 and 4 position on the list as well. Number 2? None other than the much-maligned (by me) Britney Spears spot for Pepsi Twist in which Austin Powers punches poor Britney.

Ad Age: The 20 Most Effective TV Ads of


by Steve Hall    Dec-30-02    

Simplicity and Humor Were Succesful Advertising Techniques in 2002

Here's a nice summary study by Ad Track (Harris Interactive and USA Today) revealing what types of commercials were succesful in 2002.

USA Today: Advertisers, viewers: It's OK to be funny again

by Steve Hall    Dec-30-02    

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