Two Guys Fight Over Britney

Can't leave this one alone. I sympathize but adrants is always interested in the latest Britney move. After all, she was the premiere marketing queen, right? This time she gets two guys to fight over her in a bar. Is that classic or what? Does that still actually happen? Apparently, she was leading them both on. And you know she could lead most any guy anywhere she wanted. So she's drinking with one guy (isn't she only 20?) then gets up to go dance with another guy. In typical male neanderthal fasion, a fight breaks out.

Read more about Britney's downward spiral here.

People Online: Britney Starts Fight
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by Steve Hall    Jan- 2-03    

Social Network Mapping

Ross Mayfield has created a social network analysis of the "blog tribe" on the Ryze network.

What does this all mean? Ryze is an online networking site. The "blog tribe" is one of the social networks within Ryze. Some members of the blog tribe have weblogs. The social network analysis is a visual analysis of the relationship between people in those two groups. Basically a six degrees of separation sort of thing. Check out the whole anlysis here.


by Steve Hall    Jan- 2-03    

Weblogs Go Mainstream

If AOL has anything to do with it, it is, by definition, mainstream. Well, AOL is now getting into the weblog world. AOL will be releasing blogging tools in its next software release. There's good and bad to this. The good? Maybe more people will actually understand what a weblog is. The bad? If you think most weblogs are mindless drivel, just wait until there are 10 million AOL based weblogs out there.

Rick Robinson, AOL's vice president of community products, told an interviewer, "There will be a significant (software/feature) release probably in the February time frame ... which will fundamentally alter the way people currently interact in threaded discussions." Essentially confirming a recent Washington Post report, Robinson told Mark Hurst of Creative Good that the AOL Time Warner (AOL) online unit has been looking at offering Weblogs. "It's natural that the blog and the home page would combine. And when you remember that AOL has the largest collection of home pages in the world, it kind of gets interesting," he said.

[via CBS MarketWatch]

by Steve Hall    Jan- 2-03    

Homer Simpson to Sell Reebok Classic Shoes

Although Reebok goes through celebrity advertising pitchmen faster than a vacuum-assisted turbo-toilet flushes, they might be on to something here with Homer. He and his "son" did great job with Butterfingers and maybe Homer can do the same for Reebok.

Oh, and about their website....a link to view actual products would be nice! Doh!

Business Today: Reebok campaign hopes to hit Homer

by Steve Hall    Jan- 2-03    

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Tom Joyner to Launch African American Radio Network

Popular urban radio host, Tom Joyner is getting together with David Kantor, former president of ABC Radio Networks, to launch Reach Media. The company will develop African American focused syndicated programming. Along with current Joyner programming on 100 ABC radio network stations, Reach Media will also develop programming for television. movies and the Internet.

[via mediaweek]


by Steve Hall    Jan- 2-03    

Ad Age Buys AdRants?

Ad Age buys AdRants? It sure would be nice. Speculation from Rafat Ali of PaidContent on who should buy who in the blogospere in 2002. AdRants received mention:

AdRants: (I'm surprised by how few offline-advertising-related blogs--not counting the online advertising ones--are out there).

Ad Age...are you listening to this?

Paid Content: If They Mated in 2003: The Year the Weblogs Got Hitched


by Steve Hall    Jan- 2-03    

Technology Marketing: How to Target the C-Level Executive

We all know top executives are busy but we also know that we have to communicate with them for any technology based marketing effort to be successful. Some interesting points from a recent eMarketer research round up article:

  • 73.7% of C-level executives and 83.6% of VPs, directors and managers say they placed a greater importance on business technology initiatives in 2002 compared to three years before.
  • 23% of both C-level and non C-level executives make technology business decisions based on online advertising.
  • 46.5% of C-Level execs state magazines to be a major factor in technology business decision making.
  • C-level executives spend the longest amount of time, per week, with the internet -- 16 hours -- compared to other forms of media.

eMarketer: Targeting Chief Execs with Tech

by Steve Hall    Jan- 2-03    

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