How the Internet is Changing the World

A great study on how the internet is affecting our lifes, our world, etc.

"The UCLA study will explain how the Internet is changing the world -- today, tomorrow, and 20 years from now," said Jeffrey Cole, director of the UCLA Center for Communication Policy and principal investigator of the study.

"Everyone either loves or hates the Internet, but there's no question that the impact of the Internet is real and profound -- certainly the most important communication technology of the generation to come," Cole said.

"The UCLA Internet Study will provide the first long-term exploration of how life is being transformed by computers and the Internet, with year-to-year comparisons of the social and cultural changes produced as people use this extraordinary technology. This study is also the first to analyze these broad questions about the Internet on a global scale." [via MediaSavvy]


by Steve Hall    Feb-28-03    

Online File Swapping to Influence Offline Radio Programming

BigChampagne today announced plans to market its online music download data to radio stations to aid in programming. The big idea being that what people are downloading online is what they want to hear online. The company tracks file transfers from peer to peer networks like Kazaa and Gnutella.

This seems to me to be a great way to very quickly measure the trends in musical tastes. Far faster then any offline research and even daily telephone requests. Radio station programmers can now have access to real time musical popularity rankings allowing them to more quickly program to their audiences tastes.

by Steve Hall    Feb-28-03    

The Bessies: Only the Best Ideas Win

Here's another one of those little Advertising spoofs that, once again, illustrates the trials and tribulations and silliness that goes along with the creative process.

The funny thing, though, is that this is an actual ad run to promote a Canadian advertising awards show called The Bessies. It holds nothing back in it's portrayal of the creative process. If only our clients would allow us to be so honest when we create for them.

This one is from a creative team at Ogilvy and Mather in Toronto.

Quicktime Video: Only the Best Ideas Win

by Steve Hall    Feb-28-03    

ABC: Thankfully All Fall Programming Won't Be Reality Shows

ABC has renewed 'Alias' and 8 comedies for this upcoming Fall season. seems as though '8 simple Rules' has done quite well. I never watched it but I know Ritter is good and he can carry a show.

The network has made this decision 3 months earlier than normal which is a boon to the show's creators allowing them the time to better craft the shows.


by Steve Hall    Feb-28-03    

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