Christina Aguilera Does Advertising Campaign for Versace

Christina Aguilera, pop's raunchiest princess, is set to be as ubiquitous on the fashion pages as she is on MTV as the new face of Italian label Versace.

"It's just so great. I've got this ad campaign coming up with Donatella and Versace. So I'm very excited and this is a whole new world for me, so that's very exciting," Aguilera told Reuters on Tuesday just before taking her seat in the front row of Versace's autumn/winter 2003/4 fashion show.

Damn, can't wait to see the launch of that campaign!


by Steve Hall    Mar- 4-03    

Hollywood Stars Featured in Pro and Con War Advertisements

Martin Sheen made a commercial for stating his stance on the war: Against. Now we have former U.S. Senator, Fred Thompson (the one you have seen in a lot of movies), stating his stance on the war: For. I suppose using Hollywood stars raises the awareness level and perhaps stimulates some conversation among us "regular" people but it just seems strange that every major issue these days gets reduced to Hollywood puffery.

by Steve Hall    Mar- 4-03    

NBC to Air Reality Show for Older Folks

Oh please...

NBC, the network that has prided itself on targeting the 18-49-year-old audience, will be going after a bit older group when it premieres its latest reality show, Second Chance: America's Most Talented Senior.

The network did not say exactly when the show would air, but it likely won't debut until near the end of the current TV season.

In preparation, the show will embark on a tour of the U.S. beginning March 11 in search of talented people aged 50 and older. The show will feature seniors from across America competing head-to-head in an overall talent competition, which ranges from song and dance, to the most exceptional novelty acts.

Casting directors for the series will make stops in Phoenix on March 11; Memphis on March 12; Las Vegas on March 14; Charlotte and Dallas on March 15; Miami and San Diego on March 19; and Los Angles and Palm Springs on March 22.

The show will be a production of NBC Studio, which also produced Dog Eat Dog and the Weakest Link for NBC.

Story here...

by Steve Hall    Mar- 4-03    

Reality TV to Face Dot Com Like Bust

Here's a great article that lays out the current reality TV landscape. It will account for 40% of all programming on the broadcast networks this Summer and in doing so, it is drying up the scripted programming pipeline. That will be death when this reality fad ends. Networks will be in very deep trouble as they scramble to reprogram for what will surely be a mass viewership exodus of reality TV.

by Steve Hall    Mar- 4-03    

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