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OK, so this is not exactly about advertising but since it's about blogging and Adrants is a blog, I kinda follow this stuff. It's new blog software week. Here's the deal. Ben and Mena Trott of MoveableType, the publishing platform that makes MarketingFix (my other blog) possible, have just announced a new product called TypePad. They have also named Anil Dash , a guru status blogger and until recently chief developer over at, to be VP of Biz Dev. Further, they have closed an initial round of funding.

TypePad is a new, hosted weblog platform making it even easier for bloggers to blog and publishers to publish. If TypePad is anything like the original MoveableType, then bloggers, professional and non, are in for a big treat.

So what does this mean for businessess. In the Guardian article, the writer puts it this way:

By creating content management systems with professional features, for around one thousandth of the price of the systems the large sites of the dotcom era were forced to use, the weblogging industry is rapidly creating new possibilities for people to make a living writing for the web. Micropublishers, such as Nick Denton's Gawker and Gizmodo, need these powerful tools, but until now would have been forced into either writing their own or investing in a system more suitable for newspapers.

Not to be outdone, Blogger, who was recently aquired by Google, has also announced it's new version called Dano. I took a look at it today and sadly, it is not much more then a facelift. To be fair, it is an Alpha release but I was not wowed. Adrants is Blogger powered and I was hoping for more.

MT and TypePad seem to have it over Blogger at this point. Complete management over content from commenting to search to built in blogrolling (link management). Blogger, while easy to use, just does not have a complete set of blogging features needed to be a major player as this form of publishing moves into the corporate world.

MoveableType: Six Log: Six Apart Milestones
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by Steve Hall    Apr-24-03    

Pizza Hut: Is it Good or is it Shit?


by Steve Hall    Apr-24-03    

Disney Introduces New Magazine

Disney is introducing a new magazine to the U.S. called W.i.t.c.h. for girls nine to fourteen. W.i.t.c.h. is already published in 26 contries. The magazine will be an alternative to the likes of Cosmo Girl, J-14, Seventeen, YM, and Twist. Launch date is not yet known.

by Steve Hall    Apr-24-03    

TV Advertising Up Over Last Year Despite War

CMR/TNS reports ad spend during the first three weeks of the war was actually up $70.2M over the same period last year. [via MediaWeek]

by Steve Hall    Apr-24-03    

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