Kelly Clarkson is the New Candies Girl

American Idol winner, Kelly Clarkson, will appear in new ads breaking this Fall for Candies, the footwear and apparel fashion company .

"I'm really excited to be a Candie's girl,� said Clarkson. "Candie�s ads are totally different from everybody else's. You never know what they are going to do next. They like to shake things up, and do things differently."

The print effort, via Candie's in-house agency, will break this fall in fashion, entertainment, and lifestyle magazines. Spend was not revealed. Candie's spokeswomen have included Destiny's Child, Ashanti and Kelly Osbourne.

by Steve Hall    Jul-23-03    

New WB Series: Dawson's Creek Spinoff, Awesome Creek

Following the cancellation of Dawson's Creek, the WB has just announced a spin off to the long running series. The new series, Awesome Creek, will drop the male stars of the former series and focus exclusively on the females, Katie Holmes and Michelle Williams, as they explore a new and different kind of relationship.

With the saturation of the reality series format, the WB will take the lead in developing shows that further stretch the limits of broadcast television.

The series is set to debut in October.

Holmes and Williams were unavailable for comment.

The WB is talking a bold step here by going against the status quo of television. The new series, which is not shy about either nudity or lesbian related subject matter is sure to raise heated debate. With Sex in the City in its last season, maybe it's time for Sex in the Creek.

by Steve Hall    Jul-23-03    

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