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Nicky Hilton to Host Talk Show

Paris Hilton's sister, Nicky, who turned down a co-starring role with Paris on "The Simple Life" is developing her own talk show. On Access Hollywood, Nicky said, "It's a talk show. It's pop culture, music, sports, fashion, a little bit of everything. We have a network in mind, but I can't say it yet." Seems we'll have another person basking in the glory of stardom for no apparent reason. Oh, and in a "I don't want to be Paris move," she's brunette now. Not sure that's a good move.

by Steve Hall    Dec-11-03    

Lois Vuitton Boots Lopez Out of Ad Campaign

Following her short stint as model for Louis Vuitton, Jennifer Lopez is out. Apparently, her hoggish behavior during the photo shoot for the currently running ad campaign was more than the designer could take and they have decided not to renew her contract. We think it also has something to do with that BenLo thing.

by Steve Hall    Dec-10-03    

'Blender', 'Playboy', 'Found' and 'Foriegn Policy' Black Table's Magazines for 2004

Seer site Black Table took a look at 4,600 magazines and has come up with a list of four must-read magazines for 2004, four to say goodbye to and one to watch. Black Table gives kudos to Blender, Playboy (yes, Playboy), Found and Foreign Policy. Magazines to dump are Believer, Vanity Fair, Penthouse and People. The questionable one is New York which seems to be changing suitors on a daily basis. [via Jossip]

by Steve Hall    Dec-10-03    

Tray Table Ads Coming Soon to an Airline Near You

Just as soon as we think advertising has reached the final frontier of saturation, America West now offers tray table advertising. Now with you uncomfortable seat on the flight, you can now be exposed to yet another ad from yet another company you will probably never buy anything from.

America West has sold advertising, which will begin to appear December 15, on its entire fleet of 142 planes to advertisers such as Visa, Mercedes-Benz, The History Channel and Bank of America. Executives say selling ads will help keep fares low. I say take it further. Plaster the entire interior and exterior of the plane and make marketers pay for airfare as they do for television programming. For free airfare, most people would put up with it. Sadly, that will never happen. Airlines will simply keep fares the same and still allow advertising to creep onto other areas of the plane. As an advertiser, I love it. As a consumer, I hate it.

by Steve Hall    Dec-10-03    
Topic: Inflight

It's Game, Set and Ad Match to Serena

The reigning Wimbledon champion is reportedly poised to sign a $60 million contract to market Nike sportswear for the rest of her playing career, officially making her the world's most bankable female athlete.

"It�s a big deal - in fact, it�s huge," said Brandon Steiner, the chief executive of Steiner Sports marketing agency in New York. "Serena�s greatest asset is her dominance - she�s unbeatable, she�s glamorous, she�s an immense talent.

"If you�re weighing up who�s hot, who�s the biggest person in the game, it�s Serena Williams. She�s the best thing out there."


by Steve Hall    Dec-10-03    

'The Simple Life' a Hit But Drops Eleven Percent From Premiere

MediaWeek's Marc Berman, who writes a daily column summarizing television rating from the night before provides the facts on Paris Hilton's "The Simple Life" and his edict: a hit but not a big one.

Marc wrote today, "On Fox, week two (and episode three) of The Simple Life took the 8:30 p.m. half-hour with an 8.3/12 -- 46 percent above repeat lead-in That'70s Show (#4: 5.7/ 9). Comparably, The Simple Life was down 11 percent from last Tuesday's premiere (9.3/13 on Dec. 2). The prognosis: Paris and Nicole are a hit, but far from a massive one."

If they'd just get to the damn lip locking and skirt lifting, maybe ratings would shoot up again.

by Steve Hall    Dec-10-03    

Guards Assigned to Swedish Lingerie Billboards

A billboard campaign running in Sweden for H+M has been deemed so hot that guards have been assigned to fend of sex-crazed men and feminists bent on calling the campaign sexist. The billboards feature barely dressed visuals of models Angie Everhart, Naomi Campbell and Daniella Pestova.

"We have placed guards at certain spots around the country," said Tomas Larson, head of H+M's ad agency, JCDecaux. "We hope this will deter people from damaging the (posters), and also help us to catch the people who do vandalize them."

Are the Swedish just a sex-starved nation or are these boards really that hot?

by Steve Hall    Dec- 9-03    

Reality Tables Turn With Country Folk Turned Rich

Writing in the New York Times, David Carr puts forth his idea for the next greatest take on reality television. Called "Trading Places: The Simple Life Meets Rich Girls," Carr's premise has the likes of Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie handing over their plush domiciles to rural country folk, say Betty and Miriam, while Hitlon and Richie hit the farm again in a split screen circus.

Carr elaborates, "In split scene after split scene, ironies would unfold. See Paris and Nicole fall into the hog pen while Betty and Miriam fall into the lap of unaccountable luxury. Paris and Nicole find themselves with an arm buried deep inside a cow's backside during chores, while Betty and Miriam's hands would disappear into party bags full of loot as they leave a fancy Midtown soiree."


by Steve Hall    Dec- 9-03    

Reality Television Still Strong

Thanks to "Survivor" and the recent success of "The Simple Life," reality TV is on a role again. After last Summers dearth of crap, some of the current reality series such as "Fear Factor" and "Extreme Makeover" are doing well in the ratings. Coming up are new versions of "Average Joe" and a new Donald Trump show called "The Apprentice. " Also, the next "Survivor" will kick off right after the Superbowl on February 1.

Reality television is a strong draw for younger demos providing advertisers with the niche audiences they need to market their products. As mush as we enjoy trashing trash TV. Americans do love the vicarious voyerism the format provides.

by Steve Hall    Dec- 9-03    

Dot Coms Return to Superbowl

Not all dot coms crashed and burned in 2000. Several are back and healthy enough to pony up $2.3 million for an ad on the Superbowl. America Online among others will have several spots during the game and HotJobs is said to be considereing a placement.

by Steve Hall    Dec- 9-03    

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