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Media Fragmentation Requires New Approach to Media Planning

With the rise in media fragmentation and multi-task use of those media, a new outlook on media planning is required. Rather than viewing each medium for its effectiveness in achieving a particular media objective in combination with other media, that medium must now be examined based on how it relates to and works with other media used at the same time by a single consumer. This two fold approach requires a layering of one niche medium on top of other to achieve enough reach along with a plan that defines the inter-related flow of message across multi-tasked media. In essence, a definition of desired consumer actions from both medium to medium and within simultaneously used mediums must be clearly delineated and given seamless flow.

by Steve Hall    Jun- 3-04    

Disney Takes TV to the Web

Disney is adding FamilyFun TV to its collection of online video products. FamilyFun TV joins other online Disney video properties Disney Motion, ABC Motion, Movies.com Motion and ESPN Motion. The technology allows site visitors to experience a rich media video that is downloaded, not streamed, will range in length from one to two minutes and eventually carry 15 second ads.

by Steve Hall    Jun- 3-04    

Guerilla Marketing Gets Heavy Play

In this week's MediaPost Out to Launch column, Amy Corr takes a look at several guerilla marketing efforts currently in action. Bravo is promoting its upcoming beauty series "Blow Out" by turning Times Square and LA's 3rd Street Promenade into giant hair salons. Discovery Channel is placing a one and a half ton popcorn machine outside the Sony Loews IMAX Theater on Broadway and 68th Street in New York this Sunday to promote its news show "Big!" A "Do It Outdoors" campaign for Toyota Scion is traveling throughout major cities this summer with mobile billboards manned by street teams who will hand out CDs and other promotional information.

by Steve Hall    Jun- 3-04    

Trojan Orgasm Ad to Hit British Airwaves

While the Brits sort out their stand on political correctness, a television commercial for Trojan condoms featuring a woman having an orgasm has been approved to air during Friday's "Big Brother." While some jump for joy at the chance to see sex on commercial television, conservative group Mediawatch is calling the commercial "irresponsible" claiming some children may see the ad. We just think it's a good show of political correctness for Trojan to make sure the girl gets off too.

by Steve Hall    Jun- 2-04    

Melons of All Kinds Sell Skyy Melon Vodka

Skyy Vodka has resorted to using melons - all kinds - to promote its new Skyy Melon Vodka. At least for the male demo, this is a brilliant attempt at creating subliminal product attraction by associating the product with one of man's most absurd but inmate fixations - the female breast. It's an old and tired concept but then again, man never tires of that particular female body part so what the hell - might as well capitalize on it.

by Steve Hall    Jun- 2-04    

Yikes! There's More Oddvertising - 'Birdvertising'

Adrants reader Alex points out yet another not-so-new alternative form of advertising. It's called Bird Typing but it should be called Birdvertising. Roman Kingsley, the man behind Bird Typing, has trained birds to form letters while flying yielding a unique form of sky writing. It's not easy though. Kingsley's been doing it since 2002, spent three months training a bunch of birds and is now in the process of getting them to chirp in unison. Apparently Volvo has hired Kingsley to fly the Volvo logo. If anyone gets a picture of that, we need to see it!

by Steve Hall    Jun- 2-04    

Michael Tchong Introduces INVENTrain Seminar

Michael Tchong, guru of the future, of the trend and of Trendscape is hosting a seminar called INVENTrain at Studio Z in San Francisco on September 10. The seminar will help marketers to "see the trends changing our world, understand the forces driving the economy and seize new business opportunities that will shape your future.

While it might sound like futuristic, consultant-babble, Michael Tchong is a smart guy and this event will most assuredly stir the entrepreneurial bones in your body and fuel your imagination with regard to your current work efforts.

by Steve Hall    Jun- 2-04    

David and Victoria Beckham in Japanese Cosmetics Commercials

Courtesy of Japander, soccer superstar David Beckham and former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham appear in a series of commercials in Japan for TBC, a cosmetics line. The Beckhams can bee seen frolicking at home, showing there love for each other, all in the name of selling makeup.

by Steve Hall    Jun- 2-04    

'Ass-vertising' Yet Another New Ad Format

A new ad medium, "ass-vertising," from non-traditional ad agency, NightAgency, can be added to the long line of alternative advertising tactics exploding on a seemingly daily basis. Apparently, advertising can be slapped on the bikini-ed ass of hot woman in the form of logo and design. Placed on the right ass, there's no doubt these ads will attract attention and perhaps finally give valid reason to follow that hot chick down the beach while staring lustfully at her ass. Now if they could only figure out "thong-vertising."

by Steve Hall    Jun- 1-04    

Giant Breasts Grace Sunset Boulevard Billboard

Clearly not a billboard Clear Channel would allow, this one, on Sunset Boulevard above the Rainbow Bar and Grill, shows a larger than life visual of Jenna Jameson's larger than life breasts barely covered by the nuzzling nose of some lucky dude who gets to sleep with her in her latest video, "Jenna Jameson is The Masseuse." Defamer points out the humorous press release that accompanied the erection of the boards as well as these pictures taken by a Defamer reader. Thanks to both from the appreciative readers of Adrants.

by Steve Hall    Jun- 1-04    

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