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AOL Debuts WB Show Online, Broadcast to Die

OK, we couldn't resist the "Broadcast to die" part even if it isn't true but we think it's pretty cool that the WB (yea, we're not talking big three here yet) is launching its new television series, "Jack & Bobby" exclusively online on America Online. The show will probobly suck and we'll have to run out to the eye doctor after squinting at the little window on our screen but hey, we'll give it a go.

by Steve Hall    Jul-27-04    

Online Ad Sales to Surpass Magazine Ad Sales by 2008

Big news to be released tomorrow from Jupiter Research. The research firm predicts that, by 2008, more ad dollars will be spent online than in magazines. Print sales reps run for cover! Well, maybe not so fast. As MediaPost's Riff surmises, the growth won't displace magazines completely but rather eliminate portions of other print media that still try to do what the Internet does far better - deliver info in a timely, interactive manner. Print can't do that but it can present less timely material more beautifully than the web, at least at this point, can.

by Steve Hall    Jul-27-04    

UK Church Promotes Self With Intel Logo

With the tagline, "Upgrade to the highest power," a church in England has launched a poster campaign that does nothing less than steals the Intel Inside logo. Intel is not staying inside on this one and has let its lawyers out.

by Steve Hall    Jul-27-04    

Red Bar Radio to Re-Launch With Ashlee Simpson, Dashboard Confessional

On September 1st, 2004, Chicago-based RED BAR RADIO will be returning to the internet air waves. The re-launch show is expected to reach 200,000 people. RED BAR RADIO is a one-hour, daily talk show covering topics on current events, entertainment, politics, pop-culture, and life. Special guests for the re-launch will include Ashlee Simpson, Dashboard Confessional, The Alkaline Trio, and from NBC's The Restaurant, Rocco Dispirito. Along with the re-launch is a new, still under development, website which can be viewed here.

by Steve Hall    Jul-27-04    

Bloggers Forever Change Coverage of Conventions

With theit insightful commentary, desire to cover alternative news angles and tell-it-like-it-is attitude, a horde of bloggers are covering the Democratic National Convention this week. Too numerous to mention or even give a snapshot example of the coverage, it can all be read on the Convention Bloggers website, an aggregation of every bloggers postings.

It's politics like you've never seen it before.

by Steve Hall    Jul-26-04    

Double A Paper Rips Off Japanese Commercial

Either this guy just caught his parents having sex or he just saw that horrible hair cut in the mirror. Or maybe he just walked in on an office co-worker who seems to be using the copy machine to copy something other than the department's weekly status report. Or maybe he's just an actor in a commercial for Double A paper "emoting" in reaction to his commercial co-star trying to reach some "double quality paper" on the shelf.

There's more info here including a link to the original Japanese commercial from which this version was blatantly ripped.

by Steve Hall    Jul-26-04    

Young Men Watch TV, Don't, Do, Don't, Do, Don't, Do

Are we sick of hearing research about whether young men still watch TV or not? Well, today, according to yet another recent study - this time from Peter D. Hart Research Associates for Carat and Maxim - they do. In fact, they'd give up their videos games before they gave up TV. Eight out of ten men 18-34 said they would give up their game console for a month rather than give up TV for the same period of time. Nuggets:

by Steve Hall    Jul-26-04    

NBC Takes Fun Out of Media Buying

Anyone who has bought media knows there's always a bunch of "extras" that go along with the buy. They range from cheap pens with cheesy logos to all expenses paid, exotic travel. Those who have made media buys on NBC's Olympic broadcast are being handed $7,000 and $12,000 "thank you for over-spending millions with us" thank you packages. All well and good as these things are usually "under the table" thank yous but NBC has decided to spoil the fun and has assigned the above mentioned values to these packages thereby creating tax ramifications that could forever shut down these fringe benefits which have become a mainstay in the industry. Pretty soon a sales rep won't even be able to say thank you to the buyer for fear of passing on some taxable intellectual "property."

by Steve Hall    Jul-26-04    

New Gay Cable Channel Launches

Charley Brough points to a Yahoo story about the launch of Logo, a gay themed cable channel set to launch in February. Cher, Kathy Griffin and Alan Cumming are involved in produces shows for the channel. We wonder, though, if a better headline could have been chosen - "Gay Channel Coming Out with Cher, Cumming Projects" leaves us feeling like we need to go take a shower.

by Steve Hall    Jul-26-04    

Viral Video Promotes Some Kind of Beer

Offered to help jolt us into a Monday morning or perhaps allow you to "relax" a bit if you live near Boston and have had to stay home because your city has been highjacked by the DNC, this little viral video montage purportedly promotes a beer brand but is really promoting viral agency ASABAILEY and production company LPC24.

The page can be forwarded to a friend with any of four "really, I'm not spam" subject lines from "I see your sister found a new job!" to "So I ran into your girl at the weekend" to "Let's have a party" to "Let's go for a beer."

by Steve Hall    Jul-26-04    

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