'Life' Launches Ad Campaign to Promote Return

We've known for quite some time that Life Magazine was going to make yet another return. This time, as reported over a year ago, as a Friday newspaper supplement in papers such as Tribune Co.'s Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times and Long Island, NY-based Newsday and Knight Ridder's Miami Herald, San Jose Mercury News, Philadelphia Inquirer, New York Daily News, The Denver Post, Rocky Mountain News, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, McClatchy Co.'s Sacramento Bee and Minneapolis' Star Tribune, and The Record in Bergen County, NJ. The magazine will launch on October 1 with 20 pages and 12 million circulation. The launch is being promoted with, oddly, a $12 million campaign including television, print, radio, billboard, bus shelter, online and guerilla. The tagline will be "Life: Coming to a Weekend Near You."

by Steve Hall    Sep-25-04    

GM Canada Promotes Pontiac Wave With Multi-Style Music Site

No matter your musical style, GM Canada has launched a website for its 2005 Pontiac Wave that lets you choose from pop, hip hop, punk, indie and house while you take a look at the car and enter win the car as well as receive four free musical downloads from Puretracks.com. As Adrants reader, SanJ, points out, far more effort went into the music than the car. There's only three views of the car provided and no spec info.

by Steve Hall    Sep-25-04    

Van Gogh Vodka Promotes Martini Recipe CD

Van Gogh Vodka is offering a CD containing 8,406 martini recipes sure to keep martini lovers busy for years - preferably with Van Gogh Vodka The company is distributing the CDs in magazines such as 944 as well as on their website. Who knew there were 8,406 ways to get drunk? Thanks to Adrants reader Tian for the tip.

by Steve Hall    Sep-25-04    

Video Store Merchandises 'Passion' With Porn

We know video store clerks are not the smartest in the bunch but even an idiot would be able to muster the tiniest bit of common sense needed to realize this merchandising placement is questionable at best. Yes, Christ is getting his passion on with S & M equipment and porn videos. That said, this would be a perfect backdrop for Kevin Smith's upcoming Clerks 2.

by Steve Hall    Sep-25-04    

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Honda UK Launches Hippy Dippy Happy Website to Promote Diesel

Claiming hate a good thing and a motivating factor in improving something, Honda UK has launched a website and accompanying video explaining how hate can lead to change - in this case, diesel engines. Using this logic, Honda illustrates how it has taken the lowly diesel engine and made it into a beautiful, desirable thing. This is the kind of video you want to watch while on drugs - not that we advocate that sort of thing.

by Steve Hall    Sep-25-04    

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