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by Steve Hall    Dec- 2-04    

Sony Launches Online TV Channel For PS2

To promote its Playstation PS2 console to adults, Sony has launched an online television channel which will broadcast for ten minutes each day beginning at 4:25 PM (UK time zone) during the month of December. The ten minute broadcast will feature various Playstation games as well as original game-related content. The URL of the website, fourtwentyfive.tv, was chosen appropriately.

by Steve Hall    Dec- 2-04    

New Campaign Hopes to Improve Tyco's Tattered Image

With former CEO and buffoon Dennis Kozlowski up on charges of corporate scandal and facing a new trial in January, Tyco has launched a new campaign it hopes will reassure its still the world leader in fire protection and the many other industries in which it serves. Boston's HHCC, which has had the account since May of 2003, has created the campaign, part of which, includes several television spots.

In one spot, "Anthem," Tyco is portrayed as the solution to all the world's problems using the touchy, feely approach accompanied by the much overused, frog-throated, TV/movie-style voiceover. If Tyco solves so many of the world's problems, why can't it find a way to get its former CEO out of hot water?

by Steve Hall    Dec- 2-04    

Panels Discuss Digital Magazine Downloads

As more and more publications begin to offer their products digitally, discussion has emerged on how to measure downloads and whether that measurement is the proper metric to gauge readership. Currently, audit bureaus generally measure those who subscribe to digital editions versus those who download and read the publication. Confusing matters, both ABC and BPA look at digital editions quite differently. BPA says they should be the same as the print version but with different advertisers. ABC says mirroring print editorial is less important but says the ads should be the same.

As digital devices make it easier for people to consume media electronically, the measurement issue becomes very important. Although, ultimately, the number of downloads or the amount of readership is irrelevant. What is relevant is how many and in what fashion do readers respond to an ad. That is what drives the magazine business as well as the entire advertising industry.

by Steve Hall    Dec- 2-04    

Hardee's Hangs With Hometown Hotties

The marketing department of burger chain Hardee's has a serious crush on hot women and can't keep its hands off them for its marketing purposes.

First, there was the Mechanical Bull Girl (Yes, we know that was originally for Carl's), then came the orally fixated straw girl and now a bevy of Maxin Hometown Hotties.

Actually Hardee's has been the sponsor for a while but who's counting? These efforts clearly target the young, salivating male demo - the only audience not concerned that a Hardee's Double Burger has something like 1500 calories. Even if they did care, the power of the hottie obliterates this group's will power to diet. Very smart targeting indeed.

by Steve Hall    Dec- 1-04    

Simon Malls Takes Heat For Statue of Liberty Ad

Simon Malls ran a newspaper ad with the headline "Very inspiring. Now where's the mall?" alongside an image of the Statue of Liberty. Predictably, there were complaints and the ad was pulled. Simon Malls Spokesman Les Morris explained on ODwyerpr.com saying "This ad is one in a tourism series, using familiar landmarks in the area and playing off of the idea that visitors to any city tend to rank shopping as their No. 1 vacation pastime. We meant no disrespect to this national icon of freedom." What he should have said was, "You idiots. This ad is one in a tourism series, using familiar landmarks in the area and playing off of the idea that visitors to any city tend to rank shopping as their No. 1 vacation pastime. Has humor left the building?"

by Steve Hall    Dec- 1-04    

Cingular Outdoor Campaign Causes Unnecessary Overreaction

In the "it's just a fuckin' ad" category, Adland points to a Low Culture article which, while likely a spoof, calls attention to a Cingular outdoor campaign that shows cell phone bars breaking through the top of the billboards border. Apparently, Low Culture has never seen cell phone bars or realized the twin towers were the same height and thinks this ad is a sick twin towers/9.11 joke by Cingular. Calling the billboard "tasteless" and insensitive," Low Culture claims the city is still reeling from the 9/11 attacks. Not to belittle the event in any way (I knew someone on one of the planes) but New Yorkers are resilient. They move on. We've all moved on. This is just an ad and a good one for that matter.

by Steve Hall    Dec- 1-04    

ESPN and Sprint Introduce TV For Mobile Phones

ESPN, in a deal with Sprint, will launch its own branded mobile phone service which will stream sports video and audio along with graphics and news.

The move puts some real world application to the screen marketing trend whereby methods of delivery other than television, computer and video games are being explored. The mobile phone is destined to supplant, in part, many other mobile devices such as handheld PDA's, gaming devices and even the popular iPod. It's just a matter of time before technology makes it possible for all of these devices becoming one. In terms of demand for this potential device, it's there. Why carry more than one device if you don't have to? Already Motorola's RAZR phone has merged many of the features now handled by separate devices as has HandSpring's Treo.

by Steve Hall    Dec- 1-04    

Golfer Sexes Up Image, Marketers Salivate

The LPGA now has its own Anna Kournikova. Natalie Gulbis has sexed up her image in a recent FHM spread and those in the golfing world don't seem too concerned. Even though the USGA didn't like a calendar she did, LPGA Commissioner Ty Votaw said, "As our players become recognizable celebrities, more unconventional media outlets are becoming interested. If Natalie is comfortable, we're supportive of the decision." Her father, while blessing the appearance in FHM, was a bit more reserved. "This is an athlete, an LPGA professional. We're not looking for a 'skin' type of thing," he says. "No way she's wearing underwear or a negligee." Not that she has to. The spread reveals quite a bit of her luscious body. In the accompanying FHM interview, guys will be happy to know she says the size of the wood always matters.

While she's already had marketing deals with Titleist, MET-Rx, GeniSoy and EA Sports, she's not yet become as well know an as Kournikova. No doubt, marketers will be knocking on her door soon. Gulbis joins other sports hotties including Maria Sharapova, Daniela Hantuchova and Jelena Dokic. See them all here.

by Steve Hall    Dec- 1-04    

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