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Surprise! Two Media Are Better Than One

Now come on. If you had the chance to create a TV spot versus a radio spot, which would you choose? We thought so and the Radio Effectiveness Lab knows this too so it's trotted out yet another study claiming, "Hey, wait. Don't forget about radio. Ya know, the frequency medium?" Of course, media buyers have known forever that a mix of media almost always does better than a single medium but, hey, who doesn't love a little fresh research space-filler to bulk up that media plan? The study, conducted by Peacock Research and called, "The Benefits of Synergy: Moving Money Into Radio," compared the results of two radio exposures against one TV exposure and one radio exposure and, lo, brand recall increased - by 34 percent. That's sure to make radio reps happy. But it will make newspaper reps even happier. The study also found two radio exposure compared with one newspaper exposure and one radio exposure tripled brand recall. Expect a sudden increase in combined radio and newspaper buys in the next few months.

by Steve Hall    Dec- 9-04    

Dr. Martens Launches Documentary Series


Martens has launched a six part documentary series, called Veer, Outside the Ordinary, which peeks in on the lives of six individuals such as a motorbike courier, a silversmith and a structural surveyor veiled as long-form commercials. The series was shot in England and will air on Spike TV spring 2005 but are available online now.

Other campaigns in this week's MediaPost Out to Launch column by Amy Corr include another Lemony Snicket's ties in with Papa John's, a Circuit City Pizza Hut in-store/in-home team up, a VH1/Mr.

Youth street campaign to promote its BIG IN '04 Awards, a new Treo campaign, a Duracell campaign that explains why heavy duty batteries aren't so heavy after all and a 46-market campaign for Panasonic's Plasma TVs and DVD recorders.

by Steve Hall    Dec- 9-04    

E! to Debut 'Gastineau Girls' Reality Series

Move over Paris and Nicole, two new hotties are hitting the reality TV scene. The former wife of NFL player Mark Gastineau, Lisa and her daughter, Brittny (oh yes, let's be different and boot the 'e' out of our name) have been signed by True Entertainment to appear in a 10 part reality series set to air on E! February 1. The series will follow the pair as they sachet from their glitzy Manhattan apartment to parties in the Hampton and Aspen. Lisa and Brittny are billed as a sexy and ravishing mother/daughter team by True President Steven Weinstock.

Daughter Brittny has already done the expected Stuff spread. Buyers, call your E! rep today!

by Steve Hall    Dec- 9-04    

Adrants Launches Readership Survey

Yes, it's that time. The advertisers are knocking on the door asking "Who are these Adrants readers?" So, we must oblige. But it's not all about the advertiser, it's about you too. We are very interested in what you think of the stories you read here on Adrants - whether they are good, bad or ugly, and what sort of things we can add or remove to make your reading pleasure increase. So, now is the time to spill forth the guts of your opinion; to praise us with adoration; to skewer us with your sword; to berate us with a baseball bat. OK, wait. You don't have to be that forthcoming. Besides, surveys are supposed to be fun. This one's not too long. There's 20 questions. Take it. You'll love it.

The survey is here. Thanks.

by Steve Hall    Dec- 8-04    

'Lost' Commits First Sin, Verizon Corrects Bimbo Dad Ad

Well it didn't take long but ABC's Lost has succumbed to its first television drama sin. If brought a dead person back to life Abyss-style complete with required anguish, despair and chest pounding topped off with gleeful sobs of relief. For a moment there, we thought Lost was going to break the rules and actually kill off a main character (yes, as some others have done, you crazy fact checkers). That would have made for good TV. Trouble is, these actors have these things called contracts that usually call for them to stay alive lest their career disappear. The character in questions is Dominic Monaghan's Charlie who was found, during last night's episode, hanging by the neck after having been abducted by one of the island's unaccounted for survivors.

All was not lost though as Verizon finally made good on its Bimbo Dad commercial with one that squarely put the Dad in charge this time. Of course, it was an African-American family so we all know what would happen if Verizon made the Dad look dumb in that spot. And we're just guessing here but we're sure we heard Sean Young doing a voiceover for a Windex commercial during Lost last night. We thought she'd packed it in years ago after Jim Carry's Ace Ventura: Pet Detective heading to sandy Sedona, AZ but, according to her IMDB resume, she's been as busy as ever. Though not in any movie we've ever seen.

by Steve Hall    Dec- 8-04    

Video Magazines Come to Desktop

Acknowledging the decline of people's intelligence by saying, "People don't read anymore, and kids in particular don't read. This gives them content in a 5- to 7-minute package that matches their attention span," NEWgame Communications CEO Kathleen Hessert describes her company's online video magazine creation product, Vmag. That said, NEWgame is heading in the right direction as online video is relied upon more and more to create new and compelling online content. NEWgame provides publishers and marketers with a bandwidth-friendly, full-screen video tool to easily create customized, DVD-quality "video magazines" along with analytics showing how the viewer maneuvered through the "publication."

Costs to produce and distribute the video magazine range from under $2 to $10 each. Of course, advertising revenue can offset those costs just as it does in the print world.

One of NEWgame's initial customers was St. Mary's College in Notre Dame who used the product to create an online video application form which is said to have positively influenced potential students to apply.

by Steve Hall    Dec- 8-04    

Virgin Mobile UK Promotes Camera Phones With 'Dog Judo'

With two humorous videos (and two more to come) created by 12foot6 and distributed virally by DMC, Virgin Mobile is promoting its camera phones for Christmas. The "Dog Judo" series features two dog characters - "Ruff" Rex Hunter and "Barking" Bob Bones - in highly snap-able situations that build on their rivalry and dry sense of humor over several episodes. Episode one is called "Power Date". It shows Barking Bob trying to impress a date, much to the annoyance of his sparring partner who lives only for judo.

The animated clip exists both on the Dog Judo microsite and as a standalone file that can be passed around. The file invites viewers to click through to the microsite and sign up to be emailed when new episodes are released. Episode two can be viewed there as well.

Visitors are encouraged to sign up to be notified when new episodes are released.

by Steve Hall    Dec- 8-04    

Advertisers Don't Want Foreign Business

Here's a unique approach to handling advertising inquiries. Some advertisers simply doen't want to talk to you unless you live in their home country. Upon clicking a text ad on The Superficial for some advertisers, a Canadian user reports he was delivered to this page which said: "We Apologize! The advertiser you clicked on has requested not to receive any visits from users outside of their market area." A bit rude for a marketer one thinks.

by Steve Hall    Dec- 8-04    

PlayStation's Killzone Site Rocks, Bush Must Love It

Like President Bush kicking the ass of every nation in the world, this Nazi-esque promotional site, complete with movie quality sound and graphics, for Sony PlayStation's Killzone makes you want to line up right behind our fearless leader lest you suffer total annihilation from the enemy. OK, so that's a little dramatic but so is this promo and the game itself. Very cool stuff though if you like killing, maiming, facial reorganization and blockbuster movie-style music. Zugara created the site.

by Steve Hall    Dec- 8-04    

'Santa' Gets On All Fours, Town Gets Up In Arms

Santa's Hot Daughter?

A strip club in Northfield (UK) has parents embarrassed and kids wondering why Santa suddenly got so hot. The Medusa Club has placed an outdoor board with a nearly naked woman on all fours dressed in Santa garb near a busy shopping center. One young girl asked her mom, "Mummy, where's the real Santa?" One official reacted quickly saying, "This is the very worst kind of advertising because it is designed to alarm and shock people. I want these adverts removed as soon as possible and I've contacted Northfield's constituency director." Harumph! Of course, the Medusa Club is loving it. "We've had no complaints so far - in fact it's quite the reverse. People have been saying how effective the adverts are," a spokesman said. Thanks to Charley Brough.

by Steve Hall    Dec- 8-04    

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