Dell Copies Best Buy's Geek Squad With Nerd Buddy


When there's computer difficulties at home, sometimes there's simply no replacement for an actual human skilled in the ways of kicking the crap out of your computer until it works again. Big box retailer Best Buy created its Geek Squad, a cadre of computer techs that travel to people's homes in a customized VW Beetle. Others have followed suit. Now, Dell, without physical retail locations or a human geek squad to assist its customers in need of unsnarling nasty computer bugs, has launched Nerd Buddy. Well, they've actually launched DellConnect by humorously illustrating why it's really not so convenient to have a geek-like Nerd Buddy follow you around all the time to make sure your computer isn't causing you to use it as a projectile out of frustration.

Aside from the fact Best Buy's Geek Squad and other similar services are nothing like the Nerd Buddy Dell so joyously ribs, the computer maker explains its virtual tech support solution, DellConnect is better than having a human geek follow you around. It's all presented in one of those goofy, docu-style videos complete with fake scientists in white lab coats.

by Steve Hall    Mar- 7-07   Click to Comment   
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Just to set the record straight...Best Buys didn't create the Geek Squad. They bought it. Geek Squad existed for many years before Best Buy bought them out.

Posted by: smp on March 7, 2007 4:13 PM

From what I see and read the idea hasn't worked yet. Dell still has a marketing bunch that doesn't have a clue. Dell is on every computer in this office, and the geek side of the picture isn't why I bought them. To add to the problem their service is poor and falling. The next buy likely will not be Dell, now how are they going to change my mind?

Posted by: Roy on March 8, 2007 3:21 PM

The group that Dell used (BBDO Atlanta) doesn't have a clue, which is why they were canned......These guys can hardly spell computer or anything Interactive, let alone sell it......what is funny is that officially they stated that they lost the Dell business because of a percieved conflict of interest when they won the Best Buy account......and I'm sure that sending in a group of people to Dell that know nothing about interactive advertising had nothing to do with Dell's decision either.

Brought to you by the same agency that gives you the which runs really slowly on a brand new intel mac dual core machine.....great effect guys.....not to mention frustrating site. Maybe Capital One's ad agency is reflective of their JD Powers ranking.

Posted by: l on November 12, 2007 7:55 PM