Pedestrian Traffic Signals Get All Gang Like On Each Other's Ass


Have you ever wondered what life must be like as a lonely pedestrian traffic light? No, neither have we but Snickers has in what appears to be a commercial for the oh-so-gooey, rich-and-chewy, homophobic but not homophobic Snickers bar. There's nothing like dueling colors livening up the hood with a little street fighting.

by Steve Hall    Mar-15-07   Click to Comment   
Topic: Good   

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Cool execution. I really never understood why something like candy needs to be so logical and strategic though. Why does it haave to come out of a reason-for-being? It's candy people, CANDY. It's supposed to be fun. That's it. No overthinking required. Just entertain me and brand your candy and you are d-o-n-e.

Look at skittles. They got it right.

Posted by: LUG on March 15, 2007 12:29 PM

Already too much violence out there without this sort of thing. Three thumbs down

Posted by: Dan on March 15, 2007 7:52 PM

Too much (animated) violence? Jeesh. Not a big fan of Jackie Chan movies I guess. Or ancient Greek tragedies. Or Edgar Allen Poe stories. Nobody's actually getting hurt here. They're lights.

Posted by: LUG on March 16, 2007 1:15 PM

Good call LUG. Real violence = bad; faux violence = cool. ???

Here was the CMO last month on the phone to the agency team: "We're f*cked. You guys gave us that homo thing. I want you to BUTCH IT UP! Give me some of that...what do they call it?...gangster music. And people kicking the shit out of each other. Do it now! Now! And don't stop !!!"

Don't stop? Don't stop eating candy bars? I'd say they're f*cked again.

Posted by: Kevin Horne on March 19, 2007 12:39 PM