Adrants In Search of ad:tech San Francisco Parties


Come on people. Two weeks prior to last year's ad:tech New York conference, we had at least eight known parties listed on our fun little ad:tech party calendar but with ad:tech San Francisco just two weeks away, we've got just two. Are you San Francisco marketers going to let New York marketers rule? Put you to shame? have more fun? Of course not. We know you can do better so let's get with it.

As a bit of self service to those in the industry who plan to attend the ad:tech conference in San Francisco a couple weeks from now, we're launching our own call for entry, socially speaking. We're interested finding out which companies are planning to host "social events" during the evenings of the three day conference. If you are a company planning a party or if you simply know of a party that is going to occur, please let us know. Along with all our learning during the show, we need our social activities as well. Send info to

by Steve Hall    Apr-10-07   Click to Comment   
Topic: Industry Events   

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