ad:tech is Over. Seriously. No, Really, It Is. Oh Wait...


OK, then. Enough with all this ad:tech adver-blather, right? Had enough? Us too but we're not promising we'll completely dump the topic because we'll definitely have some after thought and such. Though 24/7 ad:tech coverage is done for now and we'll be getting back to our usual wise-ass, wittylicious take on our favorite topic, there are a few more things to say.

Speaking of wittyliciousnous, you've no doubt noticed the added editorial spice here at Adrants over the past six months and that's all due to our not-so-new-anymore Co-Editor Angela Natividad. Oddly, prior to San Francisco's ad:tech we had never met ourselves before. Huh? Sorry, this first person plural thing isn't going to work very well in this case so I'm going to have to be me for a minute. Anyway, the two of us, as in Angela and I, had never physically met before and it was a wonderful thing to finally see the person behind the words I enjoy reading so much every day. Much fun was had but now that we've met and ad:tech is over, it's off to our respective coasts to continue pulling the ad industry's ego-filled nose hairs for your personal delight; one by excruciatingly painful one with true schaedenfraude-like vigor.

The show had its up and its downs but the downs are being addressed and you can be assured going to ad:tech will continue to be a worthy experience. At least we hope it will be. Yes, some of the keynotes were less than stellar. Yes, some of the companies exhibiting have less than class A games and yes, some of those booth babes were...oh never mind. That's an entirely separate topic for another day. Oh wait, it's been done to death. Sorry.


Speaking of booths, this company with a really cool logo called dot tk, a domain registrar was handing out these nice looking watches so now when I flash my new wrist bling at the next party, I'll be the coolest kid in town. As long as they don't know it came from a trade show booth, I'm good.

Oh damn. Look what we did. We said we weren't going to talk about ad:tech so much anymore and we just did. Sorry. Our self control was never that great.

Oh God....even more ad:tech pics!

by Steve Hall    Apr-28-07   Click to Comment   
Topic: Industry Events   

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