'American Copywriter' Rebrands, Slaughters Sheep


A couple years ago, Tug McTighe and John January, creatives at Kansas City-based Sullivan Higdon & Sink launched a facetious banter fest called American Copywriter, a podcast everyone who works in advertising should be listening to. Initially, the podcast was linked closely with SHS because everyone involved with it worked at the agency. Since Tug has moved on to another agency and others have become involved, the pair thought it was time to to kill off the sheep (SHS's logo) and introduce a logo of their own.

John describes the new logo writing, "Ugly? Sure. Poorly designed? Without a doubt. But that's just what we like about it." And after you listen to a few American Copywriter podcasts you won't care what the logo looks like because these two guys are not just experts at what they do but exceptionally talented entertainers. Give it a listen or two.

by Steve Hall    May-20-07   Click to Comment   

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