Giant Uses Renault to Lure Humans For Breakfast


Now here's a commercial you'll likely never see in America because we'd somehow find an allegory to 9/11 claiming giants tossing lures into the city to catch and cook people is simply too reminiscent of planes crashing into building and killing people. A stretch? Hardly. If you've lived in America long enough, you know there's a cause group out there for everything and we're sure there's one out there that's offended by mythic giants casting a Renault into the city to lure people for breakfast.

Casting aside that bit of American lunacy aside for a minute, we have a beautiful Publicis Paris-created, Psyop-produced, MassMarket effected car company commercial which is pleasantly devoid of winding, mountaintop roads, violent crashes, celebrity endorsement, ride-pimping and price/item boredom. [Ed. No actual human beings were harmed in the creation of this commercial]

by Steve Hall    May-21-07   Click to Comment   
Topic: Commercials, Good   

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I have memories of a beer commercial on US television (I don't remember for sure which brand, but I think it was Bud Light) that showed alien fisherbeings using beer as bait. If nobody got up in arms about that, I wouldn't expect anybody to get up in arms about this.

Posted by: Captain Slack on May 22, 2007 8:55 AM

It's also not all that fresh. I remember seeing a spot, maybe in one of those programs showcasing foreign spots, that showed a Toyota sitting at a lakeshore. When someone got in a monster snatched them both away. A moment later the car was put in place again for next snack.

Posted by: pat smith on May 22, 2007 7:46 PM

Amazzzzzzing amazing spot. To the "seen it befores", you gotta be kidding me. You think people sit at home in France and say "yeah, nice try, but I think I remember back in 2003, some sorta commercial for something where the boards and concept were quite similiar. Too bad, was really planning to get me a Renault. Think now I fancy a Peugot. They always have never-seen-before ideas." This spot is 1. amazing cinema 2. absolutely engaging 3. immediately understandable communications and 4. 100% about the product. All time epic spot. -AB @

Posted by: AB on May 24, 2007 4:36 PM

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