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Baby Names the New Second Life


People have accepted money to place ads on their foreheads. People have accepted money to place ads on the back of their heads. People have accepted money to place ads on their fingernails. People have accepted money to place ads on their breasts. People have accepted money to place ads on their asses. People have accepted money to place ads on their pregnant stomachs. People have accepted money to place ads on their very unpregnant, very hot looking stomachs. People have accepted money to place ads on their babies.

Is it so hard to believe people may soon name their babies after brands?

by Steve Hall    May-18-07    
Topic: Human, Strange, Trends and Culture

Caveman Hits Mainsteam Culture with Snarky Tee Immortalization


You know you've made it big when your slogan and general person become iron-on fodder for Aviator-sporting hipsters. Gecko was cute but Geico's neurotic Caveman, who's been making waves since his adamant arrival on the media scene, clearly strikes a more prominent cultural chord.

Sure his show may suck. But how many sucky-show protagonists get to be an action figure and shirt fodder? Tom Green's been waiting a long time and we can all agree he'd make a far more interesting action figure.

Preferably one that talks. "A barrel roll? A barrel roll? A barrel roll?"

by Angela Natividad    May-18-07    
Topic: Trends and Culture

Presidentti: the Coffee of Choice for Fairies, and Possibly Bjork


We've never seen anyone push coffee quite like this before, and we have to admit we dig it, even if we're not on 'shrooms.

The magic was cultivated for Finland's Paulig Presidentti by Stardust Studios and Helsinski's SEK & GREY Oy. And bless their hearts, there's method to the madness. The notion was to convey a transcendent sensory experience while using the familiar Presidentti colour scheme and golden cup, which is something like a pimp goblet for caffeine.

The slogan translates, "from the best coffees in the world." Mm. They could have done more with that. We would have shot for something more along the lines of, "from the ashes of the fresh-risen phoenix."

by Angela Natividad    May-18-07    
Topic: Commercials, Good, Television

TTs Invade Toronto - Try Not to Panic


For the new Audi TT, Lowe Roche, Toronto decided to leverage what we're going to call Boston Syndrome and invade a town with unexplained symbology: giant TTs. Note crop circles. Note video (which is actually quite gorgeous and pleasant).

Orwell would have a blast in '07.

Our only major critique of these sorts of campaigns is that unless you're blowing minds with your guerilla efforts, it might be asking much to assume your consumer is going out of his or her way to pursue an understanding about why TT's are suddenly appearing all over the place.

Out of resentment, they might even go out of their way not to.

And to be fair, corporate art (which also proliferates every corner) is so crappy they might not even register the significance of the TT's, unless they wander mistakenly into a cornfield over lunchtime and stumble across a crop circle.

by Angela Natividad    May-18-07    
Topic: Brands, Guerilla

Avis 'Tries Harder' to Catch Up to Web 2.0


Avis, the guys who made a winning marketing position out of being the second-place rental car guys, have leaped onto the blog train. And while the site looks boring and fairly inactive, we do think the facts are handy and the little chatboxes on wheels are cute.

They clearly do try harder.

by Angela Natividad    May-17-07    
Topic: Online

Your Love of Advertising Might Land You A Spot On National TV News


Meredith Turner from the Rosen Group is working on a news item that will appear on a major nation news show (we know what it is, we can't tell you but you've definitely heard of it) and is looking for advertising addicts. Turner is interested in "interviewing someone who can wax poetic about advertising all day long and rattle off One Show 'Best of Show' winners like nobody's business."

If you think you're worthy, answer the below questions with yes or no answers. If most of your answers are yes, you may be what Turner is looking for. Answer these questions and contact Meredith Turner here.

more »

by Steve Hall    May-17-07    
Topic: Television

'Cannes Fringe' to Provide Alternative View of Annual Ad Fest


To provide alternative coverage to this year's Cannes Festival, Asabailey Advertising and Draw Pictures in association with Ricall, Rushes Post Production, v2film and Final Cut will be producing three videos per day during the festival which will highlight festival events, parties and offer interviews with creative gurus the world over. The work is being done for Cannes Fringe, an alternative news organization of sorts that's been covering Cannes for three years but, this year, will do so in an official capacity. If you more than Advertising Age and AdWeek, give Cannes Fringe a visit for another look at the industry's biggest ego fest.

by Steve Hall    May-17-07    
Topic: Industry Events

Kids Air Views on Global Warming for SOS


Anonymous Content lends a slightly tinted angle to this green campaign for SOS Live Earth. Here a bunch of kids air their views on global warming.

It's always interesting to hear kids discuss big global issues because they generally take what they've been taught and express it with confidence. Absolute truth: another one of those imaginary friends that died with college. Our favourite quotes:

"Humans aren't the main threat. the main threat is water vapour."

"The world will last forever, because God won't let us down."

Ain't that a relief.

by Angela Natividad    May-17-07    
Topic: Campaigns, Cause, Commercials, Trends and Culture, Video

Martial Arts Used to Higlight Malaria Awareness


To call attention to the Malaria plight many Britons face as they travel abroad, the famed Lee and Dan created a martial arts-themed video that shows the importance of properly fighting off mosquitoes and points viewers to a site called Malaria Hot Spots providing malaria-related travel tips. It's one of the odder ways to call attention to Malaria but we aren't going to knock it.

by Steve Hall    May-17-07    
Topic: Commercials, Good

Mountain Dew Gets All Tatted Out with Sexy New Bottles


How much do you love your carbonated sperm-killing cola of choice?

Enough to turn it into body art? Mountain Dew and agency Seed Gives Life hope so.

By implication, anyway. A new campaign called Green Label Art is promoting a series of limited-edition Mountain Dew bottles, inspired by tat culture. See video.

Rumour has it a local burger joint whose name escapes us conducted a campaign in which people were invited to tattoo their logo somewhere on their bodies in exchange for free food for life. In just a few months so many people called the bluff that the campaign had to end.

Sucks for those who didn't cash in. Well, a memory's worth a thousand ice-breaking conversations, isn't it?

by Angela Natividad    May-17-07    
Topic: Campaigns, Online, Packaging, Trends and Culture

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