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YouTubers Sam and Ralph Rap For MTV Switch Campaign


As part of of MTV's global warming awareness Switch campaign, YouTube celeblets, Sam and Ralph of "Mutherfuckin' Tea" fame were tapped by Cake to create a video about climate change. The result is quite funny.

MTV Switch has been put together in a collaboration by six ad agencies - Cake, 180 Los Angeles, Lowe Worldwide, Ogilvy, Wieden & Kennedy, 12 and Y&R - and will run across MTV's 55 TV channels in 162 countries. The agencies did not charge for their work on the campaign.

by Steve Hall    Jun-15-07    
Topic: Good, Video

More Book Publishers Take to Social Media


It seems book publisher are getting in social media more and more every day. Simon & Shuster has hooked up with online video producer TurnHere to create a collection of videos that showcase the authors behind the publisher's books. The videos will live on a dedicated YouTube page and on a newly-created Book Videos site.

The branded channels feature authors from each of the company's divisions, including Adult, Children's and Audio. Viewers will see two minute feature pieces focusing on the behind-the-scenes stories of authors' lives, the content of their books, and the inspirations for their latest works.

by Steve Hall    Jun-15-07    
Topic: Good, Social, Video

Playboy Says 'Fur Out, Love In'


The heart-shaped placards in this Brazilian Playboy ad created by Neogama BBH should really read, "Flesh Out, Saline In." It would do a far better job explaining what's going on in this leftist campaign for the magazine which takes on everything from fur to pollution to bullfighting. See the whole campaign here.

by Steve Hall    Jun-15-07    
Topic: Campaigns, Good, Magazine, Racy

Hey, Sometimes Smokers are Smokers Too. The Question is, Do They Care?


Adpunch blew this print campaign by Extreme Group, Halifax, in our direction. The ads put "social smoking" on blast for the cheap sham that it is.

But excepting the Only When I'm Drinking Cigarettes (which lazy creative came up with that one?), we can't help but think that toting a pack of Sometimes Smokes and Midterm Menthols would draw jaded giggles during just such situations.

It would be just as funny as Shut the Hell Up Gum, which everyone always wants to try despite the implied pwnage.

The print ads invite users to hit uratarget.com, where other tongue-in-cheek fare will again generate wry smiles from the same sometimes-smoking 20-somethings who learned in 5th-grade that smoking can lead to unsightly throat holes and emphysema. But hey, we'll quit when we're 25, so it's all good.

by Angela Natividad    Jun-14-07    
Topic: Cause, Good, Magazine

Haribo Heralds Hunting Season with Soft Squishy Sacrifices


This set of Haribo prints, created by Bedandbreakfast, appeared in all major men's magazines in Turkey when hunting season opened. We weren't sure at first what the red things were, but once we saw the images in the right size we experienced two overwhelming emotions:

1. Understanding
2. Alarm

Those groping hands just reek of malice. The worst part is, we can't decide whether to swear off gummy bears in defense, or buy a pack right now. Because come on, the red ones are best.

And then it hit us: Men's magazines? Really? We would never have guessed.

Check out the third print variant.

by Angela Natividad    Jun-14-07    
Topic: Magazine, Strange

Patron Can Be Epic in as Few as Two Blinks

Patron 1.jpg

Sometimes a return to basics can be as glamorous as when they first appeared. Consider what an event it was to see Gone with the Wind in the theatres, way back when. Consider what an event it could still be.

To be fair, Patron isn't an epic love story. But rightfully, it leaves epic tales to Smirnoff and dazzles us old-school, in Hollywood of all places, with this star-lit changing billboard.

First part at left, second part here.

by Angela Natividad    Jun-14-07    
Topic: Brands, Good, Outdoor

Barely Political's 'Obama Girl' Sexes Up Obama Campaign


Anytime you stick a stunningly beautiful, hot looking, busty girl in a video and have her coo alluringly into the lens, wide viewership is not far behind and that's exactly what happened with this BarelyPolitical-created video featuring Amber Lee Ettinger, known here as "the Obama Girl," lip syncing the song "I Got A Crush on Obama" written and performed by Temple University student Leah Kaufman who also wrote and sung (but did not appear in) the famed My Box in A Box video. The whole stunt was orchestrated by 32-year-old advertising exec and My Box in A Box creator Ben Relles. So far, the song has achieved 56,000 views on YouTube to date with more sure to come.

In the song, the hottie dances, prances and gushes lustfully about her love for Obama, singing, "I never wanted anybody more than I want you" and "you can Barack me tonight" while giving the camera "the look." It all points to ObamaGirl.com where you can drink in even more of Obama Girl's beauty - including ubiquitous bulging bra shot - and more on the spreading story behind the phenomenon that took Obama campaign officials quite by surprise earlier this week which distanced itself from the movement claiming it had nothing to do with the creation of the video.

by Steve Hall    Jun-14-07    
Topic: Good, Online, Racy, Social, Video

Levi's Courts Scandinavian Beats. Their Jeans, However, Still Suck


We actually really dig this gritty promotion called Levi's Sounds, a collabo between Levi's and VICE, even if the object is pretty typical: To build brand awareness by conducting an open call for fledgling bands, all of which are seeking the opportunity of a lifetime (or at least the next six months). Participating countries include Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Finland.

So if you're a Scandinavian band with some beats and a dream, join the contest. Submissions are all due by mid-August and the winner should be announced in November.

Winners can record a CD produced by Knut Schreiner of Turbonegro and released under NIGHTLINER, a sublabel that belongs to Universal. Oh yeah, you also get to do a Levi's ad campaign.

We suffer from a love/hate relationship with Levi's because its ads are so consistently stunning and their product remains consistently crappy.

by Angela Natividad    Jun-14-07    
Topic: Promotions

Seat Back Pockets Keep Conference Attendees Away From Trash Barrel


Pity the poor conference attendee. At every turn, they are bombarded with useless handouts that, two feet later, end up in the trash barrel. Or, worse, they find themselves on every email list known to man after leaving the conference. Rather than foist this crap on attendees in a manner that's annoying and far too easy to ignore, why not provide them something useful they won't want to toss as soon as they come into contact with it?

At a recent media conference held in Tel Aviv, Israeli retail fashion chain H&O had the right idea when it created seat back mounted "chair vests" complete with pockets filled with bottled water, a snack bar and the reatailer's catalog, all easily stowed in front of a captive audience without a trash barrel in sight. Come on conference sponsors, take a hint from H&O and give your prospective customers something they can actually use.

by Steve Hall    Jun-14-07    
Topic: Creative Commentary, Good, Specialty

Silver Surfer Makes Waves in the Underground


20th Century Fox is using this Silver Surfer trailer to entice roving eyes on the commute between Jersey and Manhattan on the PATH line. It's slated to run the entire month of June.

This is a really interesting idea. Submedia has a patented tunnel system that turns static images into moving pictures right outside a train's window. Beats staring at the LavaLife ads slathered all over the Bay Area's BART train interiors.

We actually want to watch Silver Surfer now, even though we've been burned one time too many by superhero films that, far from authentically adapting a comic book concept, really just suck the love out of nostalgic fans.

by Angela Natividad    Jun-14-07    
Topic: Good, Outdoor, Promotions

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