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'Lost' Gets Found With TomTom


If you're head is about to explode because you can't follow the increasingly insane Lost plot twists. If you're sick of the Jack/Sawyer/Kate will they/won't they crap. If you can't figure out whether the show is biblically purgatory-based or some kind of time travel experiment gone wrong. If you think the Dharma Initiative is run by Bill Gates' detached-at-birth twin, TomTom has all the answers for you inside it's Lost in 30 Seconds video.

by Steve Hall    Jun-20-07    
Topic: Commercials, Strange, Television, Video

Nokia Wants Your Creativity For Its Young Creatives Competition


If you're sick of the awards, sick of out of shape body types in Speedos, sick of guttural gutter bar talk, check out Nokia's Young Creatives Competition:Film. It's a promotion that pits 20 two-person teams against each other in a 48-hour competition to shoot, edit, produce and deliver a :30. One tool is allowed in the competition: the Nokia N931i. It's all here.

by Steve Hall    Jun-20-07    
Topic: Promotions

British Bum Society Examines Lee Cooper Jean-Clad Asses


Lee Cooper Denim has launched the Gyro Worldwide-created Bottom Inspectors, a cheeky, British examination of the female posterior all to promote the company's Denim Xfit Lycra jeans. In the videos, British Bum Society's Inspector Flemming does man on the street gigs measuring up women's butts and having them slim into a pair of jeans while inside a "bum cam"-enabled booth. If your into ass, you just might like what this campaign has to offer. Links to vids below.

more »

by Steve Hall    Jun-20-07    
Topic: Good, Racy, Strange, Video, Viral

There's No Time For Health Talk When You're Selling Nesquik


Good nutrition? Healthy food? Bah. Who has time for those minor details when you're creating a commercial for Nestle Nesquik? OK, so the stuff now has 25 percent less sugar but awarding kids chocolate milk in response to their finicky dislike of vegetables, whole grain bread, fruit and fish is questionable at best. "It's OK Susie, you don't have to eat that awful, healthy stuff, Just have some Nestle's chocolate milk and by the time you're 13, that muffin top you'll be sporting will totally be in style."

We think the food police will be giving Nestle a call soon.

by Steve Hall    Jun-20-07    
Topic: Worst

Bogusky? Palmer? Verklin? Consumers? Effie Wants to Know


A new Effie ad asks the industry to cast there vote indicating where they think "next year's most effective idea will come from?" With comic-laden choices such as "Alex Bogusky and the inventive powerhouses of advertising" to "David Verklin and the pioneering media agencies to "A consumer or someone else you've never even heard of," the ad points people to a site on which they can place their vote.

While the votes currently point to the consumer, we voted for Alex because, well, he's just so cool and we're a huge trend whore we couldn't help ourselves. Oh wait, that trend is over, right?

by Steve Hall    Jun-20-07    
Topic: Agencies, Consumer Created, Good, Industry Events, Research

Famous 'Die Hard' Line...Well, Part of It...Emblazons Buss Sides


Recently, Entertainment Weekly anointed Bruce Willis' Die Hard the best action movie of all time. It's 19 years later and the man is again returning to the role of John McClane for a fourth time. To promote the movie, buses have been plastered with large posters - images of which sent to us by Adrants reader Dario Meli - that read "Yippe Ki Yay Mo" with half of the "o" cut off in a nod to the famous line in the movie which opens June 27.

The few who haven't seen the movie might react with the poster-worthy response, "What the Fu"

by Steve Hall    Jun-20-07    
Topic: Good, Outdoor

Arnold Explores Cannes Because You Cannes't


This could be, by far, the best coverage of Cannes this side of the pond. Four folks from Arnold Worldwide have headed out to Cannes, launched a site called Cannes't and are publishing videos for the sole purpose of "figuring out what the hell this thing is all about." They're staying in a flat and already adopted a fifth Arnold employee who they found staying in a trashy hotel and invited to move in with them. There's interviews. There's "man on the street" coverage. There's wit. There's humor. There's small dogs. There's scootering. There's the beach! It's all good. Very nice work. For anyone who wishes they were there (uh, me) this is the best way to vicariously be there.

Oh, and they've given the gutter bar perhaps the best nickname of all time: The United Nations on Crack.

by Steve Hall    Jun-20-07    
Topic: Good, Industry Events

Samsung Upstage Lip Sync Contest Gets Impressive Entries


Last month, Samsung launched its Upstage Contest which asked people to submit videos of themselves lip syncing Melody Club's Destiny Calling. The judging will begin next week and the lengths to which peole will go to win a video contest is impressive as indicated by these two submissions. Nice work. See them here and here.

by Steve Hall    Jun-19-07    
Topic: Consumer Created, Good, Social, Video

Reyka Vodka Offers Chance to Win Trip to Iceland


Who knew things could be so exciting in Iceland? They've got giant marionettes. They've got sweater-clad (yes, you read that right. Not bikini-clad) cuties in the form of former GusGus singer Hafdis Huld promoting vodka. And they've got a contest in which you and nine of your closest friends can travel to the country for the Iceland Airwaves Music Festival. There, you can explore puffins, volcanoes and amazing good (we've tasted) vodka.

We can't think of a better way to get out of the soon to be oppressively hot city, take in some music and drink vodka. And Hafdis Huld would be quite the pleasure too.

by Steve Hall    Jun-19-07    
Topic: Good, Promotions

One Generation Promises Another It Will Care For Environment in PSA


Created by Brainchild Creative and given the XFX treatment by Phoenix Editorial & Designs comes a campaign for California's Flex Your Muscles energy efficiency PSA. Employing non-professionals and using a loose scripts, the "California" spot features parents promising to leave their children the beauty they know to be California. Closing with the tag, Global warming isn't just a fact. It's a choice, the spot urges people to realize what they do today has a serious effect on future generations. Three other spots, Climate, Drought and Floods complete the campaign.

The first two spots, California and Climate broke June 11. The second two spots, Drought and Floods will break July 2

by Steve Hall    Jun-19-07    
Topic: Campaigns, Cause, Commercials, Good, Television

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