Miami is Hot But Happy Hour Prevails


On the eve of ad:tech Miami, it is hot. Seriously hot. Soak through your shirt in ten minutes hot. Of course, that didn't keep us off Miami beach. On a Monday, it was uncrowded but there were the occasional sites to see here and there. Even in 90 plus and humid weather, a guy was having an afternoon full sweats... down the beach like it was fall in New York. Guess you get used to it. Even the water is unrefreshingly bath water warm. Oh but we're not complaining. It's one of the nicest beaches around and there are never enough opportunities to appreciate the barely-dressed human form so we're just going to appreciate it for what it is.


Over at the Miami Beach Convention Center, site of ad:tech Miami, the usual pre-show transformation was occurring: booths appearing out of bare concrete floor, signage placed perfectly as if ad:tech were the only thing that ever happened at the venue, chairs multiplying like beads of sweat on Miami Beach. This being Miami...and not New York, Chicago or San Francisco, it was hot. Apparently, the Convention Center doesn't believe in turning on the AC until there's an actual show. The ad:tech staff and set up crew - who expend far more physical effort than conference attendees - don't count. That said, it was promised the entire building would be a comfortable 70 degrees by morning.


Several shows ago, Datran branded the room keys of the conference's hotel. n Miami, it's now OK to put stuff right in conference attendees rooms. After walking Miami Beach, we found on the desk in our room a plastic martini glass full of orange jelly beans and an invitation to the Terra Happy Hour, during which Tangerine Martinis would be served from 4-6PM on Tuesday and from 5-6P on Wednesday. Hmm. Good to know where we'll get our first free drink of the night. Booth #413,

by Steve Hall    Jun-25-07   Click to Comment   
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