Triumph Remixed, Cannes Blathers, Cannes Blows, Cannes Wins


- Indie rock bad The Marvis has remixed one of the Jonas Moore Triumph videos.

- Be sure to check out all the blatherific Cannes video coverage AdWeek is providing this week.

- MediaBuys has has launched Media Campaign Wizard, a tool that manages the purchase of discounted media without commoditizing it auction-style.

- Focus Features is promoting its upcoming film Talk to Me, starring Don Cheadle, with a social network. Focus has partnered with to its 300,000 members free tickets to special advance preview screenings of the film starting Wednesday, June 27, in New York, Boston, and San Francisco.

- Dubbing Cannes the "International Ad Men Falling Over Each Other to Give Award-Winning Blow Jobs To Each Other" event, Copyranter is proud he's "live blogging from Cannes.

- 2wenty 4our has all kinds of Cannes winners for you to slather over.

- has been launched as a user-generated portal for advertising and media professionals in the Middle East.

- Want $500 in free pay per click adverting? Well then hurry over to AdKnowledge's BidSystem and get in on the action. Oops. Wait. Not so fast. You have to open an account and infuse it with $50 before you get your $500. Always a fucking catch, isn't there?

- Contrary to popular belief, there are other advertising event other than Cannes this week. The New York Festivals 2007 International Advertising Awards has announced its winners. Volkswagen won advertiser of the year.

- Deep Focus won a Promo Lion for Best Integrated Promotional Campaign for its work on Court TV's Parco PI which, we must say, was, indeed, quite good.

- As if there weren't already enough places to view Cannes Lion winners, AdsoftheWorld is collecting them all here.

by Steve Hall    Jun-20-07   Click to Comment   
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