Bravo Lets Segmentation Cat Out of Bag


We're not really sure what Bravo was trying to do here. Maybe they thought it would be clever to try nailing ad dollars and viewers in one fell swoop.

With that in mind we get this ad showcasing The Affluencers, a packaged Gen Y boy and girl sporting all accoutrements of cool, including a love of Bravo. The bottom reads, "Most affluent + most influential + most engaged viewers = THE AFFLUENCERS," followed by the tagline, "Watch what happens when you buy Bravo."

The concept doesn't seem totally coherent to us but we're sure at some point some self-involved iPod -- er, iPhone -- user will cast the ad a passing glance and think, "'Affluencer.' I like it. Sounds like me."

Just as we're sure that if Bravo's marketing team saw an assembly-line Barbie decked in outdated cat-rimmed glasses and leopard skin, boasting the label "Cool Hunter," they'd snap their necks back around and go, "Hey! Sounds like us," awash in a wave of warm affinity.

by Angela Natividad    Jul-16-07   Click to Comment   
Topic: Outdoor, Poster   

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