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Yellow Stickies Got Our Intern A Job In Advertising


A former Adrants intern just found her first full time job in advertising and wrote to tell us how she got the job.

"Hey there. So after the awesome internship with you guys, my friend Tim told me he just got a job at an agency and, just like you always said, practically all the work he does has to do with sex. So you know I've only been out of college for a while and all I've been doing is clubbing, drinking and fighting off guys who only want me for sex :-) Seriously! What's up with that? It's not like I have a sign on me that says, 'Free orgasm. Insert here!' I mean, you know I'm nice looking but still! That doesn't mean any guy can just climb on top of me, groan like an animal for 60 seconds and then just roll over. I mean come one. I have a college degree! I'm not just a repository for a guy's pent up urgencies whenever his need arises.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-16-07    
Topic: Spoofs

Celebrities Make Noise For Amnesty International


What do you do when you want to call attention to Amnesty International's Make Some Noise human rights campaign? You get a bunch of celebrities doing strange things to make noise, of course. After all, that's what they're great it, right?

by Steve Hall    Jul-16-07    
Topic: Celebrity, Online, Video

Sour Skittles Proves Cows Aren't the Only Species Which Need Milking


We, along with Make the Logo Bigger, are sure most farmers who walked bleary-eyed into the milking parlor at 5AM and found this guy hooked up to an automatic take off machine and eating a candy bar, they'd run back to the farm house and ask what the hell their wife put in the scrambled eggs this morning. But not this farmer. Nonchalantly noting his milk product is sour, he thinks it's fine some seen-him-before-but-can't-place-him actor is hooked up to the milking machine while eating Sour Skittles. He just wish he wasn't eating Skittles. Weird, yes. Funny, definitely.

by Steve Hall    Jul-16-07    
Topic: Commercials, Strange

Podcasting to Get Boost From Association of Downloadable Media


OK so podcasting has been around for like ever, right? So why haven't all the big brands jumped in? Because big brands don't like the unorganized wild west-like world of the current podcasting space. A new new trade group, the Association for For Downlodable Media hopes to change that bringing organized standards and metrics to podcasting making it easier for standards-loving, established brands to easily jump in.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-16-07    
Topic: Podcast

New Zealand: Big Tummies Are Never OK, Even if They House Fetuses


AdFreak drew our attention to this wee controversy in New Zealand, which is up in arms on account of Hot Milk, a lingerie mag for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Images of preggy ladies wearing the racy panties have been dubbed "soft porn" by some.

Jasus. It sucks to be swollen-footed and hormonally out of wack. Do you have to wear parachute underpants and tablecloths too?

by Angela Natividad    Jul-16-07    
Topic: Magazine

Danica Prettifies Face of Motorola


Now that all the Danica hype has cooled, Motorola, fashionably late, slaps her on her very own MOTO DANICA billboard, which reminded us less of Motorola and more of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

If a Motorola-branded Danica Power Ranger did exist, we hope its (presumable) drag-racing powers would be slightly more dependable than Motorola's mobile phone prowess, because if not, that would be a major case of RAZR burn.

by Angela Natividad    Jul-16-07    
Topic: Outdoor, Sponsorship

Even Shoes Can Be Weapons of Change. Or Not


We thought we'd seen the last of the (oft spoofed) (red) campaign but on the streets of New York, the red plague remains alive and well.

It made its most recent appearance in this Converse ad at left, touting (red) products as weapons of change. For those who can't read the blurry photo, the ad says, "Buy (Product) Red stuff. Join the movement. The time is now. Do something."

For a bold headline like "Weapon of Change," that follow-up entreaty leaves much to be desired. The only thing we feel genuinely compelled to do is trash the copywriter who put that desperate string of sentences together.

by Angela Natividad    Jul-16-07    
Topic: Bad, Cause, Outdoor

Transparency Police Bludgeon Blu-ray Backers, Backers Relent


Oh how those faux blog-loving marketers will never learn (until, of course, they're pummeled by transparency police. Read on). Attention, marketers. Repeat after us: "The consumer is not an idiot. The consumer in not an idiot. The consumer is not..." OK? Good. Now that you're all cured, let's all revel in the glory of faux-lover supreme, our friends over at Sony who, along with several other movie studios and companies, has just launched Hollywood in Hi-Def, a site that praises the visual and aural deliciousness of high definition DVDs.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-16-07    
Topic: Bad, Brands, Weblogs

Bravo Lets Segmentation Cat Out of Bag


We're not really sure what Bravo was trying to do here. Maybe they thought it would be clever to try nailing ad dollars and viewers in one fell swoop.

With that in mind we get this ad showcasing The Affluencers, a packaged Gen Y boy and girl sporting all accoutrements of cool, including a love of Bravo. The bottom reads, "Most affluent + most influential + most engaged viewers = THE AFFLUENCERS," followed by the tagline, "Watch what happens when you buy Bravo."

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by Angela Natividad    Jul-16-07    
Topic: Outdoor, Poster

Chase: Gt illiTret Fstr


With increased communication speed and higher expectations of quick gratification, courtesy of the Digital Age, come casualties.

And if Chase Bank is any indication, those casualties come in literacy. Or maybe just vowels. It's hard to say. Maybe we should just leap ahead, cut out all the extra letter-looking things (uh, consonants, right?) and go back to hieroglyphs. We're halfway there anyway.

by Angela Natividad    Jul-16-07    
Topic: Bad, Outdoor

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