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And Philips Gives us RoboSkin, the Future in Subservient Technology


So this is completely not creepy at all. < / sarcasm > Having teased us into near-apathy with this 5th Element-esque ad that, it turned out, was only pushing the latest in razor technology, AdFreak points us to the complete spot for Philips' razor of the future.

What we find is a housebot that slides an ordinary-looking electric shaver into her wrist and meets Mr Morning Breath in the shower, where they experience a sci-fi moment of intimacy - she trimming his fuzz, he writhing in Best-Part-of-Waking-Up ecstasy - and finally, he parts with her, rubbing his chin with quiet glee.

Meanwhilst, our electric friend (the robot, not the razor) remains, staring at her magical wrist in awe.

Has she become self-aware? The next episode, where presumably she either hacks master into pieces or does other sexy tricks with her wrist, will tell us for sure.

Dude. What would the fembots say about this? Madame would not be pleased.

by Angela Natividad    Aug-21-07    
Topic: Commercials, Television

Clearasil Puts Mrs. Robinson Lovin' Back into Juvie Fantasies


Three new ads by Clearasil give us chills, mainly because we think the old school brand is taking a huge positioning risk. But the effort is welcome - we were sick of all those Neutrogena-type spots where Jennifer Love Hewitt tries winning her career back in a towel. (Oh wait, she's since moved up to underwear.)

In this spot, a pubescent boy makes a clear (and wince-worthy) pass at his friend's mom. Here, a girl comes onto a guy while her mom shows him baby pictures. And here, a guy stands up in the middle of an auditorium and tells a speaker it's okay to picture him naked.

more »

by Angela Natividad    Aug-20-07    
Topic: Brands, Commercials, Good, Television

Squeeze Breasts, Open Mouth (Or Legs), Insert Tom Ford


We weren't going to do it. We promise. Nope. We weren't going to fall for the obvious trap but, then again, we are here to serve. Here to provide you with everything your advertising-addled brain desires. So after receiving a few "have you seen this," "dude, you gotta see this," "I can't believe you haven't seen this" emails and links to all manner of publication, we decided to provide our desirous readers what they crave.

So, here it is. Tom Ford's new creation. Gee. Wow. Boobs. An agape "insert here" mouth. Oh, and some Tom Ford for Men Fragrance. OK. Can we move on now?

by Steve Hall    Aug-20-07    
Topic: Bad, Magazine, Racy

Even 4.5 Inches Can Provide Pleasure


For all you men who are...um...less than stupendously hung, fear not. This recent IRN-BRU outdoor board just might help sway prevailing wisdom that bigger is better. Of course IRN-BRU's got some serious girth itself so it still falls into the bigger is better category in one respect. Sorry, guys. I was trying to help. At least IRN-BRU's provided a bikinied, sexy-looking lady to look at. Maybe that will lift your spirits to greater heights.

by Steve Hall    Aug-20-07    
Topic: Outdoor, Racy

HSM Rocks Ratings, Diesel Fuels, Asses Wiped


- Cynopsis reports, "High School Musical 2 premiered on Disney Channel on Friday night and drew in a record breaking audience of 17.2 million viewers, according to the Nielsen preliminary fast national ratings." The kids do like their HSM.

- If you think the CxO Insanity has progressed to buffoonery "WorldNow announced today that advertising sales veteran Adam Gordon has joined WorldNow's Local Media Network as Chief Revenue Officer, National Ad Sales."

- Diesel's up to something again.

- Mini gets even..."minier"?

- We once said wipe your ass with this ad. Now, apparently, all you have to do is use up all the toilet paper.

- "Facebook surfers are costing Australian companies billions of dollars a year in lost productivity." Oops.

OK, this is just gross.

by Steve Hall    Aug-20-07    
Topic: Cable, Online, Specialty

Christian Slater's Job is to Save Ellis Island


While it might be callous to say Christian Slater has nothing better to do than appear in...oh...we're just going to say it: the once great Christian Slater has nothing better to do than appear in a save Ellis Island campaign - along with other celebrities - called We Are Ellis Island. The campaign goal is to build support for saving the island and its crumbling architecture.

Callousness aside, the campaign is a nice effort at calling attention to a place through which millions of soon-to-be Americans passed and the legacy it left for the decedents of those who did pass through. Sponsored by Arrow and featuring Katharine McPhee, Joe Montana, Kristin Cavallari, Christian Slater, Richard Belzer, Elliot Gould, cast members of The Sopranos and others, two commercials, a print campaign and individual videos bring Ellis Island stories to life.

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by Steve Hall    Aug-20-07    
Topic: Campaigns, Celebrity, Commercials, Good, Magazine, Television

Spector: Who's Protecting Employees from Micro Managing 'Net Nazis?


Homeland security ain't got nothing on cubicle lock-down. This SpectorCNE ad for managing employee internet abuse features pretty regularly in PC World and apparently also gets on JumbledPile's nerves.

The spot includes a three-headed cluster, and on each of their foreheads is writ a cardinal cubicle sin: "I pass company secrets on the web," "I surf porn websites from behind cubicle walls" and "I shop online after closing my office door."

An equal opportunity variant appears here, so no one can accuse Spector of attributing a stereotype or two to the white or Asian guy. The woman, however, continues to shop behind closed doors. (We just can't resist.)

by Angela Natividad    Aug-20-07    
Topic: Magazine

When Acting Can't Cut It, Go Back to Language 101


Some drunk guy at a party recently quipped that 80 percent of language happens outside of conversation. We don't know about all that, considering these CLL language ads via 2wenty 4our seem to say otherwise. There's nothing more awkward than a dude aping your culture in an attempt to get himself understood. Then again, homoerotic Hammer-time might take the cake.

Check out a variation hither. The spots were put together by Duval Guillaume, Brussels, according to Balendu.

by Angela Natividad    Aug-20-07    
Topic: Good, Poster

Greenpeace Fights Cape Wind Foes With New Campaign


Greenpeace has launched a new pro-wind power campaign aimed at Cape Cod NIMBY's and other opponents to the Cape Wind project which aims to build wind turbines off the shore in Nantucket Sound off the shore of Cape Cod. Apparently, 80 percent of Massachusetts resident (likely all those living inland where the turbines will not be visible) favor the construction of the wind farm but Massachusetts Representative William Delahunt and Senator Edward Kennedy oppose the project.

The $40,000 campaign, which counters a recent anti-Cape Wind radio campaign, breaks this week for two weeks and then the week of September 10

by Steve Hall    Aug-20-07    
Topic: Campaigns, Cause, Commercials

Independent Healthcare Not Up on Star Trek Trivia


Adland has an image of a Buffalo-based Independent Health billboard which reads, You Deserve the RedShirt Treatment which, apparently, refers to the company's red shirted staff. It's a fairly innocuous headline until you realize the definition for Red Shirt, according to Wikipedia, is "A redshirt is a stock character, used frequently in science fiction but also in other genres, whose purpose is to die soon after being introduced, thus indicating the dangerous circumstances faced by the main characters. The term comes from the science fiction television series Star Trek, in which security officers wear red shirts and are often killed on missions under the aforementioned circumstances." Oops. Of course, not that many people passing this billboard would actually know that so guess it's all good.

by Steve Hall    Aug-20-07    
Topic: Outdoor, Strange

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