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Saw IV to Hit Theatres with Usual Pomp, Circumstance, Bloodshed -- er, Drive


If you're a fan of the Saw film series, you probably love the irony with which every release is married to a blood drive.

Saw, a series of films about a man who grants (?) the gift of appreciating life by surrounding victims with situational puzzles that lead to death or grisly victory (but mainly death), is coming out with its 4th release this October 26.

Until then, Adfreak says a campaign will be traveling around the country to attract donors and promote the film. Saw's blood drives have allegedly already generated enough blood to save 112,500 lives.

That merits a smile considering the fictional lives taken (and so imaginatively!) over the course of the series. We've just blown an hour in a half reading about all the traps from the first three films.

by Angela Natividad    Aug-13-07    
Topic: Promotions

DraftFCB Celebrates Website Design Job With Flourish


As only George Parker, the ad industry's potty-mouthed longtimer, can, an internal DraftFCB memo released last Friday announcing the win of, as George puts it, "a fucking website" design job, has received George's trademark commentary. Cutting through the bullshit of most internal agency blatherings, George appropriately sums up the announcement writing, "Boy, these fuckers are on a roll. What's next... Cocktail napkins and book match covers?" Indeed.

by Steve Hall    Aug-13-07    
Topic: Agencies, Bad

VH1's The Rock Life Approaches Dead Rock Horse, Beats it with Vigor


The allure of sex, drugs and rock n' roll continue to outlive most of its human origins. This is the only explanation we can pinpoint for VH1's brand-new show The Rock Life, which dissects the sun-drenched world of Malibu-based rock band Whitestarr.

We can only guess that this is going to be a less masterful version of Cameron Crowe's Almost Famous, which covered the slow ascension of the somewhat-more-believable band Stillwater, through the eyes of a teenage journalist-to-be.

Check out the show intro here. This masterful oeuvre was put together by Version2.

The song is the band's own. Note influences of the Stones and the Beatles, and - by gad, could it be? - possibly LFO.

by Angela Natividad    Aug-13-07    
Topic: Television

BooneOakley Runs For Saucony Account, Literally


Charlotte-based BooneOakley is in the running for the Saucony account. Leaving it at that, though, would be a giant understatement regarding the lengths the agency went to to deliver the RFP to Saucony's Boston office. A team from the agency literally ran for the account - 859 miles to be exact - from Charlotte to Boston and documented the entire trip on a blog with videos.

Sadly, it seems, no one at Saucony is aware of the agency's extreme efforts as no one but a lone intern website coordinator from the marketing department was in the office last Friday to receive the RFP when the running team finally arrived. Contents of the RFP aside, Saucony should hire BooneOakley for the intense dedication and effort it put into running for this account. If it's any indication of the ongoing dedication the agency would give the account, Saucony would be wise to choose BooneOakley.

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by Steve Hall    Aug-13-07    
Topic: Agencies, Best, Brands

Agency.com Offers Adrants Employment Opportunity


Apparently, Agency.com's human resource department hasn't read Adrants much as indicated by a missive sent to us asking to chat about an available position in the agency's Chicago office. That or it's some elaborate strategy to get us to show some fist-bump love for the shop. Oops. Did we just burn a bridge? You're not supposed to do that in this business, right? Oh well. We just can't help ourselves sometimes.

by Steve Hall    Aug-13-07    
Topic: Agencies

KickFlip Brings Skateboarding Beat-box to Deskside Thrill-Seekers


The music on this new Candystand game, dubbed KickFlip, is annoying as hell but unavoidably catchy. Like the interns who will undoubtedly be blowing office hours playing it, its single set of lyrics keeps chanting, "I want to skaaaa-ya-yate."

There's also an Extra ad that precedes the game in which a guy who looks suspiciously like an ad douche sticks some gum in his mouth and starts dancing under the transfiguring power of strobe. It physically hurt us.

by Angela Natividad    Aug-13-07    
Topic: Games, Online

Zwinky Has A Party, Others Label It Spyware


While our Zwinky friends are out with a new commercial for their tween-focused avatars and online chat world, several YouTubers have created videos advising people to beware of Zwinky and its toolbar claiming the installation dumps spyware on one's computer.

by Steve Hall    Aug-13-07    
Topic: Commercials, Online, Video

Denver Gets Ego, Canada Goes Social, Merv Griffin Dies, Caveman Loses



- The Denver Egoist hopes to "promote creative growth in Denver" while at the same time admitting Denver is "conceptually stunted."

- Muchmor Media, an independent Canadian web publisher, has launched mymuchmor.com a social network for naturalized Canadians and the 270,000 newcomers who arrive in Canada every year.

- Cynopsis reports Merv Griffin, creator and producer of game show hits Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune, died yesterday. He was 82.

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by Steve Hall    Aug-13-07    
Topic: Celebrity, Social, Television, Weblogs

That Sunsilk Hair Flip Could Get You Into Trouble


We...well, I...have always wondered why women with long hair seem to find some sort of enjoyment in flailing their hair about as if it's some sort of ancient rock launching sling, Apparently, as illustrated in this Sunsilk Hairapy commercial, it's a sport that can get you into trouble. It seems gorgeous, full hair comes with responsibilities.

Part of an ongoing campaign, the spot was created by JWT New York and produced by Identity.

UPDATE: We thought we had seen this before.

by Steve Hall    Aug-13-07    
Topic: Commercials

AAF Diversity Awards Held During Advertising Week


On Wednesday, September 26, 2007, Business Development Institute and the American Advertising Federation will host the 2007 Diversity Achievement and Mosaic Awards & Forum which will "explore the multicultural challenges we face as an industry while we discuss successful strategies with leading advertisers, agencies and media companies." Check out the details here.

by Steve Hall    Aug-13-07    
Topic: Industry Events

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