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Yes, It's Still Summer But November's ad:tech Looms


Is it even possible? Yes, apparently, it is. It's still summer and we're going to talk about chilly November in New York when ad:tech will put on its four day extravaganza. In fact, it's so big they've had to add a day and accost even more square footage of the bursting-at-the-seams Hilton. Personally, we like the seam bursting to continue as the only other option, it seems, is to move to Javits and what fun would that be?

There isn't much that won't be covered at the show this year. From trendlet conversational marketing to SEO, SEM, engagement and the latest buzz phrase, "consumer context planning."

And don't forget: an extra day this year (day and half, actually) means an extra night of parties to attend. We're thinking by the last day of the conference, there's going to be some zombie-like behavior amongst attendees. We will be there. We hope you will too.

by Steve Hall    Aug-23-07    
Topic: Industry Events

Local Beauties Populate Fashion Brand Store Openings


Amsterdam's BSUR has put together a print and outdoor campaign for fashion brand Turnover. The models in the ads were recruited across 23 cities in Europe and were photographed by fashion photographer Jan Welters. The campaigns announces new retail store openings in Tilburg, Breda, Eidenhoven, Enschede and Almere.

by Steve Hall    Aug-23-07    
Topic: Magazine, Outdoor

Adrants Reader Offers Industry Dose of Common Sense


An Adrants reader who wishes to remain anonymous for fear the reader's common sense might offend the twisted logic of most in this industry who love to spew meaningless blather in pitches and on their websites wrote:

"My personal POV is that there have to be big clients out there who are so sick of hearing marketing blather and buzzword blah blah blah from agencies that they would welcome a straight approach like this:

'Hi. I'm SomeGuy from ABC Marketing Shop LLC. I'm not here to BS you. Why you might want to talk to us:

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by Steve Hall    Aug-23-07    
Topic: Opinion

Hal Riney Thinks a Big Crack Will Get San Francisco to Prep for Disaster

ARCBA crack2.jpg

For the American Red Cross Bay Area, Hal Riney launched a campaign called "What Do We Have to Do to Get Your Attention?"

One interesting effort was a set of shaking bus shelter ads. But the show-stopper was Supercrack, which isn't nearly as exciting as it sounds: a huge artificial crack down the middle of Union Square in San Francisco.

In an ideal world, the initiative sparked a burning desire in Bay Area denizens to prepare for a major earthquake, which could come at any time.

Unfortunately, if you've lived in the Bay Area most of your life like half of Adrants has, you're used to the occasional earthquake. And you're probably not going to shove off to the nearest Target and stock up on rations.

by Angela Natividad    Aug-23-07    
Topic: Cause, Outdoor

You Mean Ad Guys Can Make Music Videos? For 'Stronger,' Kanye Says Yes


Our favorite prima donna and McFly activist, Kan the Louis Vuitton Don, slated rhinofx to help create his music video for "Stronger," a song with a -- what? -- Daft Punk sample.

We usually roll our eyes when traditionally ad-oriented firms get into music videos or movies - mainly because these arenas seem like every self-deluded creative's wet dream - but the result for "Stronger" is a neat mash-up of Asian pop, hip-hop culture, sci-fi and animation. Say anything you want about Kanye, he always shoots for an interesting angle in his videos. Good call on rhinofx.

by Angela Natividad    Aug-23-07    
Topic: Commercials, Good, Online, Video

In a World Ruled by Renegade Creatives, Ahmadinejad Puts Funyuns Over Hezbollah


For shits and giggles, some time ago Harry Woods and Gill Witt put together this would-be ad for a less funded project of Frito Lay's - namely, Funyuns. (We used to eat them. They are completely unnatural and completely amazing.)

The result, Ahmadinejad Loves Funyuns!, is not really super-funny. In fact, it seems like something a little kid playing cut-and-paste-current-affairs would do. And it only gets less funny as it progresses. Maybe you just have to be high.

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by Angela Natividad    Aug-23-07    
Topic: Bad, Online, Spoofs, Video

Mountain Dew, Prohibition, Rednecks Go Hand-in-Hand


For Mountain Dew, it's not far-reaching enough to be down with street culture. Apparently it wants to be in with the Dirty South too.

A firm called Mirrorball.com has sent us a weird new take on the Green Label Project for Mountain Dew.

Meet Willy the Hillybilly, the face of the drink pre-dating the '60s. One-time tagline "Zero Proof Moonshine" also harks back to Prohibition, which is when the catchy Mountain Dew song in the ad was written.

more »

by Angela Natividad    Aug-23-07    
Topic: Brands, Good, Online, Strange

Car Salesman Gets Shut Down in Ad But Keeps Camera Rolling


This one's been making the rounds this week. If you're sick of screaming car salesman ads, you'll love this "Top Gun Motors" commercial with Ted "The Iceman" Jackson screaming insanely as car dealers do until...well, just watch the video.

by Steve Hall    Aug-22-07    
Topic: Commercials, Strange

Bus Back Ad Causes Drooling, Admiration, Anger. Pick One


If you were driving behind a bus that had this Bee Lee model emblazoned across it's back, would you:

A. Revert to the age of 14, start drooling, fiddling with yourself and ultimately slam yourself into her ass...er, crash into the bus?

B. Serenely admire the exquisite beauty of the models body and appreciate it for a higher art form?

C. Act like a crazy cause group freak and report Bee Lee as an appallingly insensitive company guilty of objectifying women?

Seriously, we really want to know.

by Steve Hall    Aug-22-07    
Topic: Outdoor, Racy

Alluring Blond, Radioactive Soda Can Tease Chicagoans


Flickr user 0595 (now that's original) found this billboard in Chicago near Fullerton and the Kennedy Expressway ans hasn't a clue what it's for. Neither do we but we thought it was interesting enough and some of you might want to prove how much you know about this business by figuring out who it's for.

by Steve Hall    Aug-22-07    
Topic: Outdoor, Strange

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