Yes, It's Still Summer But November's ad:tech Looms


Is it even possible? Yes, apparently, it is. It's still summer and we're going to talk about chilly November in New York when ad:tech will put on its four day extravaganza. In fact, it's so big they've had to add a day and accost even more square footage of the bursting-at-the-seams Hilton. Personally, we like the seam bursting to continue as the only other option, it seems, is to move to Javits and what fun would that be?

There isn't much that won't be covered at the show this year. From trendlet conversational marketing to SEO, SEM, engagement and the latest buzz phrase, "consumer context planning."

And don't forget: an extra day this year (day and half, actually) means an extra night of parties to attend. We're thinking by the last day of the conference, there's going to be some zombie-like behavior amongst attendees. We will be there. We hope you will too.

by Steve Hall    Aug-23-07   Click to Comment   
Topic: Industry Events   

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