Some Old Guys Tells Donavan McNabb to 'Defeat Immortals'


Look! Look! It's a movie trailer that's actually an ad! Gee, that's never been done before. But as Shooter's Post & Transfer (which post-produced) COO Ray Carballado tells us, "As more and more advertising becomes content and effects driven post houses have to have the talent as well as the technology to pull off more than a 30-second spot." Well, right you are, my friend. A movie trailer. Now that's some rockin' shit!

Anyway. In the trailer, Philadelphia Eagles QB Donavan McNabb must defeat the mortals so he can live forever so says "some weird, old guy." So McNabb trains while the old guy does a twist on the John Cusack Say Anything boombox thing forcing McNabb to listen to sportscasters pummel him with negative comments. Somehow it resolves to a showdown between McNabb and...uh...a field full of ghostly football players.

Oh? What's that? We didn't tell you what this is for yet? Sorry about that. It's just that this is like one of those company mission statements. You can simply interchange the company name and the statement still rings true. In other words, it says nothing.

OK, so it's not all bad. Especially that "dyslexic pretzel" comment. Oh, you still want to know who this is for? OK, OK, we'll tell you. Vitamin Water. Philadelphia's Stick & Move created.

by Steve Hall    Sep-28-07   Click to Comment   
Topic: Commercials, Video   

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In this age of convenience, particularly when you have done so in the past, I expect a link to the McNabb spot. You can't a expect a lazy participant in your web experience to go hunting down this thing all on his own on YouTube. That results in an increased bounce rate for your site, loss of subscribers, disaster on a scale of the Hindenburg in blogging terms.

Clearly, Steve, you should consult with some social media strategists who are also thought leaders in the interactive space.

Oh, the humanity.

Posted by: Jetpacks on September 29, 2007 9:51 AM

This is a totally new concept, imagine a promo for a movie actually being a commercial.

Posted by: Josh on October 1, 2007 1:24 AM