Week Whacker: Spears, Vagina, Hardee's, Adsturbation, Della Femina


- The world was horrified by Britney Spears' MTV Video Music Awards performance but you can't help feeling sorry for the girl who's just trying to hold her shit together.

- Tennessee Education Association President dubs Hardee's bootylicious Flat Bun commercial "unbelievably demeaning" to teachers. Hardee's edits it to remove the bootylicious teacher.

- Michael Mann directs a masterful commercial for Nike featuring theme music from The Last of the Mohicans.

- OMG! Facebook places ads in newsfeeds.

- CNN's Mike Galanos takes offense to Clearasil's new, supposedly racy ad campaign.

- Tom Ford cuts through the bullshit and goes vaginal in new fragrance campaign.

- London's WCRS created this great Honda Cog-like ad for Brylcreem in which a guy one takes his way through his morning routine.

- Deutsch doesn't masturbate. It Adsturbates.

- JWT France created a trailer and and online game for Wilkinson which kill. Some of the best work we've seen in recent history.

- Bob Bly thinks Jerry Della Femina is misguided for saying advertising has changed from a business of fun to one that's all about money.

by Steve Hall    Sep-14-07   Click to Comment   

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