Iceland Gets in on Last Supper Ad Scandal


Iceland doesn't want to be left out of the whole Last Supper ad scandal thing so here we have yet another ad that plays with that final meal. In this ad, Jesus is looking for Judas because the Last Supper is about to begin. In the commercial, Jesus gives Judas a call on his Siminn-powered Sony Ericsson 3G video phone and asks him where he is. The two converse using the phone's 3G-powered video capability. Come to find out, he's telling jokes to a few men and, because our biblical skills are sorely lacking, we don't know whether this ad is supposed to be funny or offensive. Or, that it's just bad. You tell us. EnnEmm Advertising created the spot.

This commercial comes right along with the controversial Folsom Street Fair ad which created a version of the Last Supper with semi-nude men and women along with bondage and sex toys. Miller Brewing was embroiled in the controversy for its sponsorship of the ad. Some call it blasphemy. Others label it humor. We just get a kick out of the media frenzy these things create.

by Steve Hall    Oct-22-07   Click to Comment   
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Hilarious Steve! ROFLMAO! The first video phone ad was blashemously delicious. The second is karma in action. Back in 1973 The DeRance Foundation controlled Miller (56% of stock!) and sold it to what is today know as Altria. Prior to the sale DeRance a chartered Roman Catholic Foundation received several cents on the sales of every bottle of Miller. btw- DeRance was The Monk who started the trappists! Harry G. John must be turning over in his grave!

Posted by: arthur barbato on October 22, 2007 2:34 PM

It's "changing the course of history" because "El Jesu" sees Judas being handed a bag of money on the video-call, therefore the betrayal never happens, ect, ect, ect......

Posted by: Alex on October 23, 2007 5:09 AM

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