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'28 Seconds Later' Makes Us Want to Watch Campy Horror

28 seconds later clown.png

28 Seconds Later is a (completely left-field!) short film promoting the DVD release of 28 Weeks Later. It makes fun of -- but also revels in -- the gratuitous bloodshed and flimsy premises of zombie tribute movies.

It blew our minds. And then we ate them.

See the other three here. The shorts and website were designed by Kulavortex.

by Angela Natividad    Oct-16-07    
Topic: Good, Online, Promotions, Video

Accosted By Bad Breath, Helmeted Motorist Collapses

odol bad breath.png

Heh-heh. This bad-boy was put together by Doom & Dickson of the Netherlands.

We're so glad there are companies out there like Odol making mouthspray because holding Listerine in our mouths for 60 seconds takes way too long, and chewing gum makes our jaws tired.

by Angela Natividad    Oct-16-07    
Topic: Commercials

St. Mary's Brings Humor to Fancy-Free ER Scruples


It isn't often we see a health or mental care ad that doesn't make us want to kill ourselves.

But Mortar Agency for St. Mary's Medical Center gives us a pleasant surprise with these witty prints that look like they're destined for the college demo -- known for taking liberties when it comes to staying healthy. (Take it from people who've swigged out of the expired milk carton too many times to count.)

The slogan is, appropriately, "Get in. Get better. Get going." If only repairing a broken back was that convenient. (Who uses a spotter, anyway?)

Our other favourites include Extra Spicy? and Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty. See 'em all here.

by Angela Natividad    Oct-16-07    
Topic: Good, Poster

Peugeot 308 Gets Guerrilla-Style Introduction


In Portugal, the new Peugeot 308 got some guerrilla-style action courtesy of Torke Stunt. To hype the launch of the new model, two trucks were outfitted with giant, 3D objects in the shape of the number 308. Fifty eight wooden boxes were placed around Portuguese cities with peep holes containing a message telling people to check out the new model at a dealership. In airports, limo drivers held signs with the number 308, ads were placed atop departure and arrival screens and boxes with big 308s on them were placed on baggage claim belts. We're betting that last one wouldn't play well here in the States.

It's nice to see guerrilla efforts done campaign style. So often, they are just one offs. Good ones but one offs none the less.

by Steve Hall    Oct-16-07    
Topic: Good, Guerilla

MochiMedia Launches Self-Serve Online Game Ad Network


We've never heard of these guys as they've been in private beta for a while but yesterday Mochi Media announced its public launch of MochiAds, online games ad network for advertisers and independent game developers who want to capitalize on the estimated one in three Internet users that visit online games sites each month.

more »

by Steve Hall    Oct-16-07    
Topic: Games, Online

Bud Light Unravels Mysteries We (Never?) Wanted Solved

bud opera.png

Final Cut and DDB, Chicago show us why male opera newbs foam out of their tuxedos and why college guys so often select Pomeranians for pets.

(Assuming either of these things actually happen.)

The answer: Bud Light. Of course!

by Angela Natividad    Oct-15-07    
Topic: Commercials, Good

Coupland Narrative Keeps Depressing Storybook in Foreground

glove pond drunk.jpg

Crush, Toronto presents us with part two of the campaign for Douglas Coupland's novel The Gum Thief. In this installment of love and apocalypse to Muzak and stray stapling, we learn the following:

- Bethany is expectedly into crows
- Roger's dead ambitions sound familiar (ever want to be the next F. Scott? Have a seat, take a glass)
- Glove Pond, the fictional book within the book, is still about people drinking. Also, we're hellbent on incorporating the phrase "manfailure" in some future conversation.

more »

by Angela Natividad    Oct-15-07    
Topic: Commercials, Good, Promotions

Adrants Offers Readers 'Mad Men' Goodies


We're going to make this really easy. Mostly because we're just simple like that and because we don't want to pull you away from the foosball table or that cute intern's cubicle for too long. If you watch AMC's Mad Men and you like it, we're offering you a chance to win a coffee table book full of 1960's advertising and a Mad Men branded martini shaker. One Grand Prize winner will get both. Four others will get the martini shakers.

To become eligible to win, all you have to do is tell us in which episode sneak peek (they're all right here) the Roger Sterling character had his morning glass of milk with Smirnoff. That's it. That's all you have to do. Send your answer to madmen@adrants.com and we'll enter you in the drawing to win. We'll announce the winners Friday following the season finale this Thursday night.

by Steve Hall    Oct-15-07    
Topic: Announcements, Cable, Promotions

Timberland Recycles Commercial to Promote Eco-Friendly Boots


Arnold has repurposed its wall of rain spot which ran last year in Europe last year into an Americanized, full-on, politically correct, environmentally friendly campaign about Timberland's use of organic materials in its boots and how it's jumping on the carbon offset bandwagon. Carbon dioxide emissions associated with the campaign will be offset by Timberland's purchase of wind power from Western Massachusetts' Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort wind project. We're told the move will be equivalent to not driving 109,000 miles or planting approximately 44 acres of trees.

more »

by Steve Hall    Oct-15-07    
Topic: Campaigns, Commercials, Good, Online, Outdoor, Radio, Television

Mod-Happy Geeks Make Hot Rods Out of PCs

pc mod shop.png

Who needs Import Tuner or Pimp My Ride when you've got a mod shop for computers?

The custom PC-rigging site was launched by Future US and is hosting a monthly "gladiator-style" tourney for $2,000 in cash and prizes, courtesy of Microsoft.

We're not really sure what to say aside from that apparently geeks have testosterone too. So. When do the PC models debut? Is the MySpace Queen up for that? Oh wait, she's busy looking for love right now.

by Angela Natividad    Oct-15-07    
Topic: Brands, Good, Online, Promotions, Strange

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