Meaty Bone Game Competes With Sexy Intern


If for no other reason than to talk about pissing, this game for Meaty Bone, Mark Your Territory, lets you empty your doggy bladder all over various objects as they float by. Just don't piss on the cat and you'll be OK.

To make the game more exciting, just imagine the objects are your long-winded clients prattling on about how your concept doesn't synergistically mesh with the rest of the campaign or that bothersome traffic manager who won't get out of your office so can actually meet the deadline shes bugging you about or your boss who does nothing except lavish in the riches his underpaid employees have earned for him or that distractingly sexy intern in the short skirt and cleavage revealing top who sits just outside your office with her legs perfectly positioned for you to see her...oh'd actually want to see that rather than play some dog piss game.

Anyway, how this gets anyone to buy Meaty Bone for their dog, we have no idea but we did actually play the game. Twice. And wow, an entire story about without even mentioning "it." Maybe we have moved on.

by Steve Hall    Oct-29-07   Click to Comment   
Topic: Games, Good, Online   

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