Miss America Devotes Site, Software to Protecting Kids Online


For those seeking a hero in a beauty queen, Miss America has created her own browser to protect young girls from online predators.

Each site the browser accesses is filtered and approved by the Miss America Organization and the Children's Educational Network. It also reads email out loud and can instruct kids to do laundry or homework, based on parental programming.

Par for the course if she can improve the ratio for the 1/5 Americans who can't locate the States on a map. Miss South Carolina failed miserably in that regard, but maybe that's why she didn't win the crown.

Written by Angela Natividad    Comments (1)     File: Celebrity, Good, Online     Oct- 4-07  
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Get your facts straight, Angela Natividad. The Miss America Pageant was *not* the nationally televised pageant that America watched as a pageant contestant flubbed the answer to an on-stage question about why a percentage of Americans are not able to locate the US on a map.

The incident that you refer to was the Miss Teen USA pageant that took place this past summer, and Miss South Carolina Teen USA was the unfortunately-spoken contestant. Miss South Carolina, who competed in the 2007 Miss America competition is Shelley Benthall who spent her year of service promoting Drug and Alcohol Abuse Awareness.

You couldn't just state that Miss America was doing something good, could you?

Posted by: Noddea Moore on October 10, 2007 01:51 PM

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