MochiMedia Launches Self-Serve Online Game Ad Network


We've never heard of these guys as they've been in private beta for a while but yesterday Mochi Media announced its public launch of MochiAds, online games ad network for advertisers and independent game developers who want to capitalize on the estimated one in three Internet users that visit online games sites each month.

The public launch opens the network up to all game developers and a few advertisers. MochiAds, in its private beta, is already powering about 1,000 game developers and is running pre-game and inter-level ads in their games. Right now, MochiAds reaches about 50 million gamers, with growth coming virally from blogs, social networks and other sites.

For the game Bloons, MochiAds obtained 7.7 million ad impressions in September across approximately 26,160 sites in 217 countries and territories. Mochi Media likes to live on the long tail of things finding groundswell growth from the bottom up rather than the top down.

MochiAds claims (via InsightExpress) click-through rates of 5 percent. Consumer technology research company Parks Associate found in a recent study gamers are accepting of this type of advertising, preferring pre-game ads over all other types of ad insertion.

by Steve Hall    Oct-16-07   Click to Comment   
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