Real World Domesticity Tries LV Out for a Change

domestic lv paris.png

Believe it or not, there are instances when associating your brand too closely to real life can hurt. This ad for Louis Vuitton is one of them. The clutter on the closely-packed desk, the slightly bent-in LV bag, the visible electrical outlets and empty glasses and open laptop, the rumpled hair and tired but sweet nuzzles -- the whole thing fills us with discomfort.

We're thinking everyday grind, exhaustion, and a longing for this brief moment in the day to last as long as possible before life calls us back to do the dishes. It's a frenetic and agonizing sensation.

What happened to soothingly ethereal Scarlett, or gangster-film angsty Gorbachev? Take us awaaaay.

by Angela Natividad    Oct-11-07   Click to Comment   
Topic: Brands, Online   

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Hi Angela, thanks for sharing the ad. I have the feeling that Andre Agassi & Stefi Graff are about to grind rather than feeling the grind. The house cleaner will be by shortly to pick up the mess behind the LV bag and clean around the two lovebirds. If i would have only stuck w/ tennis like mom asked me to. Shit

your truly,

medicine man

Posted by: medicine man on October 11, 2007 6:15 PM