Universal Studios Hollywood Gets People Screaming For Halloween


So Universal Studios Hollywood is scaring the crap out of people to help build awareness of the park and its Halloween attractions. Staffers dressed as monsters surprise unsuspecting guests and place the video of the encounter online for all to see. And...just like all those dweebs who stand and wave like idiots outside the Today Show window, everyone wants in on the action and some guests are seeking out the monsters in the park.

And not that we're complaining but why, why, why is there always a pair of big boobs captured perfectly in a still of a video which manages to find itself in a prominent position on the website? Oh wait, we get it. Boobs attract eyeballs. We're such an idiot sometimes.

by Steve Hall    Oct-23-07   Click to Comment   
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Steve, thanks for taking a look (as it were). I enjoy your site and it's an honor that you picked this up (it's my baby...the concept, not the young woman in question).

But I have to defend our honor, at least a little. Of the 30 thumbnail images on our Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights "Screams" video page, 29 (okay, 28) are sans skin. But as you've already guessed, the revealing ones have gotten the most attention. Something to do with the target audience, I guess...

Thanks again.

Posted by: Joshua Cole on November 12, 2007 8:57 PM