Wandering Eyes of Men Not Good For Financial Future of Women


Perfectly illustrating the lustful fantasies of the male mind and how those fantasies can harm others comes this brilliantly informative commercial from Mercator. Acknowledging men's penchant (or helpless desire) for younger, hotter, sexier, cuter, slimmer, bustier and more bootylicious, Mercator, with simple visuals and a few words, urges women to rely upon themselves when it comes to their financial stability.

Message delivery doesn't get more straightforward than this. In a twist, the spot uses the objectification of women to get the attention of women for the betterment of their future. While objectification might be too strong a word to describe the innate behavior of the human male when it comes to seeing an attractive woman as illustrated in this commercial, the use of the "hot ad chic" to reach a female audience is most certainly an interesting one.

Even more oddly, it delivers a smack to men who, perhaps, while watching this with their wives, might think twice before acting on that fantasy. It's as if the commercial is saying to men, "let the big head do the thinking. It's less messy that way." And, on the flip side, to women, it's saying, "In case your man's little head has more sway over him than his big head, we've got you covered." Brilliant, indeed.

by Steve Hall    Oct-23-07   Click to Comment   
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