ad:tech's Pacha Party Revisited Photo-Style


If for no other reason than to prove those who work in the ad industry know how to party, DM Confidential has an extensive photo album of the ad:tech Money Makers Party held at Pacha in New York City a couple weeks ago. We wrote about it all here but all the pictures sucked. We really need to hire a real photographer with a real camera rather than our little Casio Exilm for these events.

Actually, it's not that our camera is bad. It's just that people think you're some sort of freak if you walk up to them and ask to take their picture if you have a tiny little camera as opposed to 20 pounds of photography equipment hanging around your neck. Which is why we didn't have a lot of great shots of the event. That and we were drinking, dancing and talking (shouting) with friends on the dance floor while Rob Base did his thing.

Anyway, we missed a few good shots and it just wouldn't be fair not to share them.

There's the ubiquitous crotch shot:

The drunken lap dance shot:

The "Damn, I want some of that!" shot:

The "Whoa dude, look at that ass!" shot:

The "Oh God, I'm in Heaven" shot:

The "Who the hell is this guy?" shot:

The "I know you're taking this picture just so you can stare at my boobs" shot:

The "Oh God, I so need a shower right now!" shot:

And finally, the "Dude, I'm just a lame-ass journalist. You're the one with the amazing beautiful, successful ad babe...uh, I mean, woman" shot:

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Pacha party photos:

Oh yea, these photos remind me what FUN it was being a woman in the ad biz.
So HOT baby.

Posted by: Yvonne Nillissen on November 17, 2007 2:26 PM


Posted by: Angela on November 18, 2007 8:36 PM

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