Boston's BlackSheep Marketing First to Enter Holiday Shenanigans Contest


We have our first entry in the Adrants Holiday Party Shenanigans Contest. It comes from Boston's BlackSheep Marketing. The company's 8th annual holiday party was themed after A Christmas Story. For the party. along with an actual leg lamp, Lifebuoy soap, Ovaltines and decoder pins, the agency created the Flag Pole. Instead of freezing it and challenging party guests to stick their tongue on it, the Flag Pole was crafted to function like a beer funnel whereby guests could take a shot of their favorite liquor through it.

In the picture are Linden Labs Ben O'Conner and BlackSheep Marketing's Mike Rheaume. While this may seem rather tame to you, remember, the contest isn't meant to embarrass or harm anyone but do feel free to top this and get as crazy as you comfortably can.

Though liquor shots through a flag pole certainly seems to have been a good time, there may have been some even juicier, more down and dirty debauchery at BlackSheep later that night as CEO Kane Mosteller tells us the real action started after the last client left at 1 AM. Seemingly, that debauchery will forever remain locked inside BlackSheep's digital vault.

So come on everyone. Send us your best holiday party moment and we'll feature the good ones here and, who knows, you might even with the prize. Send your entries to

by Steve Hall    Dec-12-07   Click to Comment   

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It's Lifebuoy (a deoderant soap) not Life Boy.

Posted by: Michael Mayes on December 12, 2007 3:52 PM

Hey life boy - It's deodorant.

Posted by: sheila on December 17, 2007 12:09 PM

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