Get Your Vote In For AdFreak's Freakiest Ad Moment of 2007


Today is the last day to vote in AdFreak Freakiest Ad Moment of 2007. They've been hosting the bracket-style competition the past couple of weeks and have highlighted some of the best ad freakiness created in the last year.

From DirecTV's naked Burt Reynold's to Italy's anorexia ads to Orville Deadenbacher to Stanley Steemer's dog-butt scuttle to Dexter's viral campaign to Dolce and Gabana's rape ad to VW's bird poop-eating ad to Oragina's animal orgy, the contest has been narrowed to the final vote. Up against each other for the Freakiest Advertising Moment of 2007 are Dexter's viral campaign which made the recipient feel like they were being targeted by a serial killer and Pioneer ads with eyes shaped like mouths.

Check out the entire bracket here and cast your vote. Our money is on Dexter. That shit was freaky!

by Steve Hall    Dec-20-07   Click to Comment   

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