Quebec's Crea Award Campaign Gets Crea...tive


At first, we were going to trash this campaign for Quebec's Crea Awards (formerly known as Gala des Coqs D'Or) created by Montreal agency Bos for several reasons. First, unless you live in Quebec, you've likely never heard of the Crea Awards (or its former incarnation). Second, as one of the creatives featured in the campaign, unless you create work that appears in this market, you'll never be in the running anyway. Third, highlighting the fact the world's creative leaders (excusing DDB Canada's Alan Russell) such as Alex Bogusky, Oliver Altmann, Pablo Del Campo or Tony Granger haven't won a Crea is like saying U2 never won some local music competition. It's meaningless.

Then, we though, hey, of course none of these guys have won a Crea because it's a new(ish) show. And then we thought, hey, what better way to inspire local creatives to aspire to the world's greats than just show them in all their coolness alongside their worldly award show takes? And then we though, hey, they speak French up there. French is cool. And then we thought, hey, what would be cooler than getting some photographer to capture these guys in all their pensive, introspective coolness? And then we thought, hey, we really shouldn't pick on a nice, simple campaign for a local creative award show. And then we thought, hey, it's time to stop saying the same thing over and over again and get back to crapping on ad campaigns.

See all they uber cool ad guys here.

by Steve Hall    Dec-10-07   Click to Comment   
Topic: Campaigns, Industry Events   

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