Abandoned Carts Have Feelings Too. Also, They Talk. Also, This Guy's INSANE.


Why would you abandon a shopping cart? Do you like raising their hopes and dashing them? Did someone once abandon you? Or is your heart cast entirely out of ice?

Cart whisperer Liberty Fillmore wants to know. Watch as he guides estranged metal baskets back into the sunshine and absorbs the therapy bills that, by all rights, YOU should be paying.

Oh, if Mother could see you now.

< / melodramatic self-hating voice >

According to our down-low agency bro, this is probably a campaign for VeriSign and its EV SSL product. When you help save a cart, you could win a gift card from Overstock. (You know, the wannabe-Amazon orgasm people.)

by Angela Natividad    Mar-25-08   Click to Comment   
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My name is Tim Callan, and I'm part of the VeriSign marketing team that worked on this campaign. Yes indeed, we did create Liberty Fillmore and his quest to save abandoned shopping carts, both physical and electronic. And yes, it is all about that EV SSL thingy. (Basics of EV SSL here, for the curious.)

People seem to like Liberty. We've had almost three million views of his various videos, a great deal of coverage around the campaign, and multiple invitations for Liberty to appear on radio, TV, and podcasts. In recent weeks I've been blogging on this campaign and its results if you'd like to learn more.

Posted by: Tim Callan on March 27, 2008 2:32 PM

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