Leo Burnett Dress Code Eliminates Need for Account Management


So Leo Burnett created a goofy in-house ad to announce its new dress code. It's unclear whether or not it's a joke since attempts at confirmation have...well, failed. The horror of it all is that creatives, usually exempt from any and all dress codes, are required to adhere to the code. So, no more jeans. No more black t-shirts. No more kicks. Say what? Yes, you heard right.

Leo Burnett's creative department will now be able to go to client meetings on their own without being found out by either the client or the AE they will pretend to be just to make up for all those years of being told, "The client won't go for that." And, yes. It's been confirmed a joke.

by Steve Hall    Apr-25-08    
Topic: Agencies

HoneyComb's BeeBoy Has Dinner


Here's the latest from HoneyComb's BeeBoy. After getting retrieved from the pool with a skimmer,. the boy sits down to a nice plate of broccoli...sprinkled with HoneyComb's.

by Steve Hall    Apr-25-08    
Topic: Strange

New York's Waffles & Dinges Gets Grated


Duval Guillaume, to promote the Waffles & Dinges truck in New York city, painted grates yellow and placed little signs with promotional messaging atop the grates. Neat.

by Steve Hall    Apr-25-08    
Topic: Guerilla

Naked Vietnamese Hottie Showers. Loses Hotness


AdFreak's David Griner twisted my arm on Twitter and made me write about this. He taunted, "Don't get it. Wrote about a gorgeous woman disrobing and showering, and no follow-up yet from @stevehall." OK, David, here you go. Naked Vietnamese Hottie Showers. Loses Hotness. 'Nuff said.

by Steve Hall    Apr-25-08    
Topic: Good, Racy, Strange, Video

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Social Media Lover Offers Perspective on Facebook Chat


Sarah Hutton, a writer for Our American Shelf Life and a contributor here on Adrants was featured in a video, shot by Amanda Mooney (also an ASL writer and Adrants contributor) about Facebook chat.

Sarah tells the story about how she like to stay in touch (stalk?) with a friend abroad using Facebook chat because her friend is never on AIM or iChat. She also offers perspective on chat, friending and social media in general.

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by Steve Hall    Apr-25-08    
Topic: Opinion, Social, Trends and Culture

Apparently, Men Need to Know Things


When a screen shot and a video of a waitress with huge boobs bulging out of her top (yea, yea, yea...you're sick of boobs but as we've always said...we don't make this stuff, we just write about it) arrives in the inbox along with some cryptically teasing copy, interest peaks (not that kind of peak, sicko). So here's what was sent:

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by Steve Hall    Apr-25-08    
Topic: Online, Strange, Video

Company 81 Cheerleaders Want to Play With You


"Don't you want to play with us," asks one of the Squad 81 cheerleaders whose mission it is to, apparently, help sell clothes for Company 81. The sweepstakes section of the site asks "Want these girls in your closet?" And the Send a Cheer Section asks, "Know someone who needs a little pick me up?" Witty. Well, yes, yes...and yes. Of course! Playing with cheerleaders, stuffing them into the bedroom closet and getting an...um...pick me up does sound like a lot of fun. I'm in. You?

by Steve Hall    Apr-25-08    
Topic: Online, Racy, Social, Viral

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